How do I enable Link Monitoring?



If active, Link Monitoring will automatically check your links managed in Link Manager for activity, changes in status and performance. This also controls how often links are checked and how you are alerted to changes.

  1. Navigate to Link Building > Link Manager.
  2. Click the Tools Options button and select Link Monitoring from the menu.
  3. Select your frequency and link status settings.
    • Selecting to monitor All links will enable Link Monitoring for all Link Records in your Campaign according to your Check Link Status options.
    • Selecting to monitor Individual links means you can specify which specific Link Records in Link Manager you'd like to monitor.
  4. On the Check Link Status tab, enable Requested, Active and/or Inactive links for automated status checks. These settings do not affect Link Monitoring if you have selected individual under Monitor Links.
  5. Select your Monitoring Options. You can be alerted via email if the anchor text, Link Destination URL or noFollow are changed. You can also specify custom alert thresholds for changes in mozRank, Page Authority and the number of links on a page.
  6. Click the Save Settings button.

Keep in mind that Link Monitoring usage is limited and is subject to overage fees. Be sure to review your account's usage limits if you are the account owner.

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