Why don't I see mozRank/mozTrust data in Link Manager?


When looking at the overview page of Link Manager, you may notice that many of your links are not displaying information for columns like mozRank, mozTrust, Domain Authority and Link Clips. This data will only appear if you have checked your links at least once — whether it's manually or automatically, using Link Monitoring.

To check your links manually, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Link Building > Link Manager.
  2. Open a Link Record by clicking the Status link at the beginning of the row.
  3. Click the Monitor section.
  4. Click the Check Link Status button.

If Raven was able to detect the Destination URL in the Website URL's code, we'll show a number of metrics only obtainable after a successful link check, both on this page and in the overview.

Link Monitoring Metrics

The following metrics are displayed in the Monitor section of a Link Record:

Destination URL The location where your link points back to.
Last Check The last time the current Link Record was checked for changes.
Link Index Link Index or Position is the the location of the link out of all the links on the page. For example, 34 of 58 means there are 58 links on the page, and the link appears as the 34th link.
Link Text Match If the Link Text matches what's in Link Manager versus what is live.
Location The physical location of the link on the page. This is a measurement in pixels starting from the top-left of a browser window. (for example: Left: 373px, Top: 1438px)
Monitoring Status The status of Link Monitoring for the Link Record you are viewing. If in Link Monitoring setting you are monitoring "Individual" links, you can either enable or disable monitoring for the current Link Record or change monitoring settings. If in Link Monitoring setting you are monitoring "All" links, you can change monitoring settings to monitor "Individual" links if you'd like more freedom to specific links within a Website to monitor.
mozTrust A score assigned by Moz that quantifies the trustworthiness of a web page relative to all of the other web pages on the Internet. Learn More.
mozRank A quality score assigned by Moz that shows how popular a given web page is on the Internet. Learn More.
URL Match If the Destination URL currently exists on the Website URL.
Uses Nofollow Broadly, "nofollow" provides a way to tell search engines to not follow links on a page. Read More. If a link is being monitored and there is a "<meta name="robots" content="nofollow">" tag in the the html head element, Raven counts all links on the page as nofollow.
Visible If the Destination URL is visible to browser users and not just to search engines and web crawlers.
Website URL The exact location where your link will be live.
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