What is Site Finder?



With Site Finder, you enter a keyword phrase and then Raven automatically finds and ranks domains that link to the top 10 Bing results for that keyword phrase. Site Finder then uses a combination of ranking factors (including Majestic's Citation Flow and Moz's mozRank and Domain Authority) to determine how valuable a link from one of the returned domains would be to your site.

Start with a view of the top ranking websites for any keyword

Start a search for your target keyword in Site Finder. In moments, the tool will deliver the top ranking websites for it. Next, choose which websites to investigate more. Then, see which websites link to the ranking websites with your target keyword. Voila! Do you see websites you hadn’t yet considered for link outreach?

Uncover high-quality, targeted link opportunities for any keyword

Site Finder reveals the links that may have helped lift a website in the SERPs for your target keyword. You can go after those same websites, knowing that your keyword is a subject they like to use for links. And because Site Finder displays key SEO quality metrics, you can pursue only the best link opportunities.

Add potential link targets to Link Manager in moments

Site Finder works hand-in-hand with Raven's Link Manager. Once you find a website that you want to target with more outreach, add it to the Link Manager with a couple of clicks.

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