What are SEO Metrics?



Clients pay willingly — or, at least, complain less — when you can give them a report showing results they can understand. Raven makes this process easy for you. These SEO performance reports in SEO Metrics give you the tools you need to provide the information your clients want.

Slicing SEO out of Google Analytics

SEO Metrics reports marry Google Analytics traffic, goals and conversions with SEO staples like keywords. All of the reports use comparative data to highlight campaign performance over time.

Although it's possible to view and report on this data directly from Google Analytics, the process is complicated, and reports don't highlight the metrics that your clients will care about. Raven has made the reports easier and faster to create and better for communicating with clients.

Get diverse data

These SEO reports are based solely on organic search engine traffic, and they focus on Site Engagement, Goals, Landing Pages and Search Engine Share. All of this data tells the same story in different ways: Look at how well your website is performing purely from organic visits.

Pull all of your work together

Not only does SEO Metrics take information out of Google Analytics and cuts it down to just the SEO data that you're looking for, it mashes up data from other tools in Raven, like Link Manager, to show all of the work you've done — not just incidentals.

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