What is Content Manager?



In Raven's Content Manager, users can write, order and analyze written content in a snap. In addition to keeping a record of your content, Content Manager also integrates with Copyblogger's Scribe service, allowing you to automatically discover keyword recommendations, optimization tips and more.

If you're using Raven's WordPress integration, you can push copy from the Content Manager directly to your WordPress blog.

Manage basic content marketing needs in one place

Use Content Manager to write, edit and distribute content. Push posts to WordPress with one button. Review articles you've purchased from Textbroker.

Make sure content is optimized for machines and humans

Raven baked Scribe into the Content Manager. Run a Scribe analysis within any article to get specific recommendations to improve its SEO. And does your content match your audience's education? Raven analyzes articles for readability by grade level.

Speaking of optimization… who's your MVP?

It's simple to sort articles in the Content Manager by author and scores. See who's the most productive. See who gets the highest Scribe SEO scores. You can report on both to see who's most valuable on your team.

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