What metrics will Scribe provide about my content?


When you analyze content with Scribe, Content Manager will provide a number of statistics along with recommendations to make your copy more SEO friendly. This data is broken up into several sections: Content Statistics, Status, Structure and Keywords. 

Content Statistics


  • Scribe Site Score: The Site Score calculates how well a particular piece of content relates to the rest of your website's content. A website with content with a common thread or theme could be viewed by the search engine robots as a more reliable source of information for that topic. Therefore, it might be more likely to show up in the search engine listings for searches related to that topic. This is valued on a range of 0 to 100.
  • Scribe Document Score: The Document Score calculates how well a particular piece of content is optimized for the search engine robots—for example, is it missing any key information such as a title or meta description? Those things can influence SERPs for specific searches. This is valued on a range of 0 to 100.
  • Readability Score (analyzed by Raven, not Scribe): A string indicating how difficult a document is to read based on structure and word choices. By clicking on the Readability Score results you will see specific metrics for several tests involved in the overall result.

Analyzer Status

The Scribe Analyzer Status indicates if a document is ready for analysis. Title, Content and Meta description are required for Scribe to run an analysis report.


When writing content you can follow these guidelines, which the system wil use to provide you with an analysis along with recommendations:

  • The body length should be at least 300 words, ideally centered on one or two keyword phrase(s).
  • For keyword density, each keyword or keyword phrase should not represent more than 5.5% of the total words on the page. Otherwise, the search engine may consider the page to be keyword stuffing.
  • To give a keyword phrase additional emphasis, bold the first occurrence of the keyword phrase in the first paragraph of body. Including some content in a bulleted list is another way to add emphasis.
  • Include one hyperlink for every 120 words of body content spread out evenly down the page. For example, 500 words of content should include 5 hyperlinks with approximately each paragraph containing one hyperlink. Be sure not to "spam" or "keyword stuff" your content with a paragraph of keywords linked to the same web page over and over again.
  • Include a hyperlink at the beginning of the body in order to show prominence.
  • Ideally, hyperlinks should link to content that is relevant to the keywords, preferably to an interior page of your website, but when linking to another website, link to an interior page. In other words, do not link to a website’s home page if there is an interior page that is more relevant to the keyword phrase.


Based on the Title, Content and Meta Description, Scribe highlights keywords that are relevant to the content providing keyword recommendations alongside.

What is Keyword Prominence? Keyword Prominence is a proprietary formula developed by Copyblogger that determines the value of a keyword or keyword phrase based on its relative placement within a particular piece of content.

Prominence is rated as either Very Low, Low, Medium, High or Very High. The higher the prominence, the more favorable the keyword/keyword phrase is presumed to be weighted in the content by the search engine algorithm. You should strive to achieve a Prominence rating of high or very high for your Primary Keyword/keyword phrase for a page.

However, all keywords/keyword phrases on a single page should not have a high or very high prominence rating to minimize the chance that search engines will consider you guilty of keyword stuffing or spamming.

By clicking the down arrow next to a keyword the system will provide an explanation and recommendations on how to improve copywriting. The explanations and recommendations can be hidden by clicking the arrow again.

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