How do I order content from Textbroker?


Before you can order articles through Textbroker, you must first request access to this tool and be approved by one of our friendly Customer Education Specialists.

To get the ball rolling, click the Request Textbroker Access button in Content > Order Content and we'll be in touch shortly thereafter to verify your account and, finally, set-up your access in Raven. Once your account is approved you will not have to request access for further orders.

Only paid Start, Grow, Thrive, and Lead accounts are allowed to place orders, provided that the Account Owner has set up the account for use with Textbroker. Trial users do not have access to Textbroker through Raven.

Place An Order


Now that you have access to Textbroker, you can order articles through their service. Be aware that articles ordered through Textbroker have an additional fee associated with them, added to your monthly invoice.

  1. Navigate to Content > Order Content.
  2. Click the Order Article button in the top right.
  3. Select the language the article should be written in as well as a category from the drop-down menus. Textbroker-written articles are available in English (US), English (UK), German, Spanish, French and Dutch. The category list is identical to the fixed category list that Textbroker uses.
  4. Enter an article title.
  5. Enter a description of your article, including any instructions for the writer, in the Article Description field. Be as descriptive as possible about the content you would like to receive, but do not include personal contact information; Textbroker will reject your order if you do.
  6. Enter target keywords one at a time, click the Add button after each one. This will tell the Textbroker author to emphasize a particular group of SEO keywords. All orders require at least one target keyword. While you can enter as many keywords as you want, we recommend submitting between one to three keywords for the author to focus on.
  7. Enter minimum and maximum word count. Textbroker costs are based on the number of words you request and you’ll never pay for more than your maximum requested words. If you ordered a maximum of 500 words and the author writes 600, you’ll only pay for 500. If you ordered a maximum of 500 words and the author writes 475, you’ll pay for 475.
  8. Click the Order Article button. Your order will be submitted to Textbroker.

Once your article has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Textbroker before being released to their authors. Once an author agrees to take on your order, he or she has 24 hours to complete the assignment. Once the assignment has been delivered, you can either accept it or return it for revision.

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