What do the status messages in Order Content mean?


As your article makes its way through the Textbroker system, you can track its progress by looking at the article's status. There are a number of possible statuses, outlined below in chronological order:

  • Internal Error: The Textbroker API experienced an error when processing the order.
  • Placed: The article request has been sent to Textbroker but Textbroker has not reviewed it yet.
  • Textbroker Accepted: Textbroker has approved the article for an author to pick up. The order has not yet been selected by an author.
  • Working: An author has picked up the article and is currently working on it. The author will update the status once they have something for you to look at.
  • Ready: The article is ready for the customer to review.
  • Accepted: The customer has accepted the article or the article has been auto-accepted. An article is auto-accepted after three days.
  • Delivered: The article has been delivered to the customer (through Raven). At this point the article is added to Content Manager automatically.
  • Deleted: The article has been deleted. This is done either before Textbroker accepts the article or by Textbroker during the acceptance phase. If that is the case it should happen directly after order refused.
  • Rejection Granted: If an article has been rejected and Textbroker agrees with the rejection.
  • Order Refused: The article has been rejected by Textbroker. This can happen for a few reasons. If there are broken links, questionable content or personal contact information in the submitted article description, the article will be rejected. If none of the authors have the knowledge required to complete the article, the article may be rejected as well.
  • Waiting: Usually will appear if an order has been rejected but the status hasn't updated to indicate this yet.
  • Revision: This user-generated status appears when a user asks for a revision. If this has happened, the author has 24 hours to complete the revision. If the author is unable or unwilling to revise the article it will fall back into the pool of articles for a new author to pick up.
  • Customer Rejected: The customer has rejected the article.
  • Scheduled: Indicates the article has been scheduled for a later date and has not been sent to Textbroker. Scheduled articles can be deleted.
  • Order Expired: Raven will automatically change an order to "Order Expired" once an order has been placed and it expires.
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