How do I filter data in Google Ads by network, device and click type?


GoogleAdWords-Filters.pngAt the bottom of the sidebar for most sections in Google Ads are several dropdown menus allowing you to narrow the scope of your data. This includes dropdown menus for Networks, Devices and Click Types. To filter your data to only show metrics based on one of these criteria, click the dropdown menu and choose your option. The data will automatically filter from there.


Google Ads data can be filtered by two networks: Search Network and Display Network. The Search Network covers text ads displayed alongside search results in Google, including results shown in the searches themselves and along the sidebar. The Display Network covers all image, video and rich media advertisements displayed in services like YouTube and AdSense.


If you're running your Google Ads campaigns in such a way that ads are displayed on multiple kinds of devices, you can filter your data by device type using the Devices dropdown menu. Four options are available:

  • Tablet: Devices that are larger than a phone, but smaller than a laptop. This includes iPads, Kindles, Nexus tablets and more.
  • High-end Mobile: Mainly referring to smartphones with full-featured Internet browsers, but could also display data from phone-sized touchscreen devices like iPod Touch and Zune.
  • Desktops / Laptops: Netbooks, laptops, desktop computers and any other device running a browser that has not been modified specifically for mobile users.
  • Unknown: Everything that hasn't been categorized in one of the above devices.

Click Types

Click Types categorize the ways that users interact with your advertisements. Depending on your Campaigns, this could be performed in a multitude of ways, ranging from clicking an ad's headline, making a phone call from your ad, viewing map directions and more.

The following Click Types can be filtered to using this dropdown menu: Ad Headline, Sitelink, Breadcrumbs, Location Expansion, Driving Directions, Phone Calls, Mobile Phone Calls, Manually Dialed Phone Calls, Product Offer, Product Plusbox Offer, Print Offer, Other and Unknown.

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