How do I assign a new Task?



Tasks can be assigned to sub-users on your account on a one-time or recurring basis. This could be anything from a reminder to respond to a tweet, to reach out to a contact or any other activity assignment. There are many ways to accomplish this, both in Task Manager and in other tools.

Tasks > New Task

  1. Navigate to Tasks > New Task.
  2. Fill out the task fields:
    • Title: The name of your Task.
    • Description: What you want the assignee to do in this Task.
    • Contact: A contact from CRM, if applicable.
    • Contact Method: How you would like the assignee to contact this person.
    • Assignee: The person who will complete the Task.
    • Website: The Campaign that this Task is related to.
    • Recurring Task?: Whether this Task is a one-off, should be automatically reset when completed or should be recurring on a schedule.
    • Due Date: When the Task needs to be completed by.
    • Priority: How important this Task is.
  3. Click the Create Task button.

This will create a Task that occurs once and, when completed, will not be recreated automatically.

Tasks > New Scheduled Task

To create a scheduled, recurring task, you'll need to set the appropriate setting in the Add Task dialogue, under Recurring Task.

  1. Navigate to Tasks > New Scheduled Task.
  2. Fill out the task fields. You'll notice that Recurring Task is locked to creating a new scheduled task. Set the Due Date, Frequency and When fields, which are only available for scheduled Tasks.
  3. Click the Create Task button.

Aside from "scheduled" tasks, you can also use the "reset task upon completion" option, which will recreate the task as soon as it has been completed with a new due date. This can only be accomplished outside of the Scheduled Task window.

Other Tools

Many tools in Raven allow you to add tasks based on elements in those tools — typically through a gear menu or button. The following tools can add Tasks straight from the tool:

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