What is Report Wizard?


Use the Raven Tools Report Wizard to create custom PDF reports of your Internet marketing campaign data. Reports can be branded using a custom Brand Template, and they can be scheduled to run automatically. Just about every tool in the system can be reported on, and you can report on as much or as little information as you'd like.

Report Wizard is so fast you'll think it's magic

How many hours do you spend on reporting right now — especially at month end? Start thinking in terms of minutes. Report Wizard can generate a new, professional PDF report with dozens of pages with a just few clicks. It stores a history of your reports for fast reference, too.

Create comprehensive reports that impress clients

Use Report Wizard to whip up any combination of SEO, social, PPC, Google Analytics and email marketing data in a few minutes. Simply drag and drop modules to rearrange their order; add a table of contents with one click. Clients can see exactly how you've helped their business goals across the board.

Build your brand awareness with custom reports

You can brand every report you run in Raven with your logo, text and color choices. Create a default brand template for your entire account. Then create additional branded templates for specific types of work — such as social media marketing or SEO — or for specific clients.

Send reports automatically, on your schedule

Want status reports delivered to you — or your clients — automatically? Set up a schedule for any recurring report in Report Wizard, and you'll never have to run it manually again. Raven can deliver your reports by email as often as you choose, from daily to quarterly.

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