How do I email a report from Report Wizard?


Once you've created a report in Report Wizard, you can set that report to be emailed to yourself, your client, your colleagues or anyone else who may need that particular report. In the case of one-off reports, this email will go out immediately. For scheduled reports, this email will go out once the report is automated, aligned with your chosen frequency.

Email Settings

In order to email a report, you must fill out the email settings:

  1. Open your report in Reports > Report Wizard.
  2. Find the email settings for your report.
    • One-Off Reports: This can be found by clicking the Email Report button.
    • Scheduled Reports: This can be found by clicking the Edit Report button and clicking the Email Settings tab.
  3. In the email settings fill out the applicable fields:
    • To: Who you want to send this report to, separating multiple emails with commas. There is a 250 character limit on this field.
    • From: The email that you'd like this email to be sent from.
    • Subject: The subject line of the email.
    • Message: A custom message to be included in the body of the email.
  4. After you've filled out the email fields, choose the type of delivery: PDF Attachment or Trackable Download Link. PDF Attachment will simply attach the PDF to the email sent out. Trackable Download Link will send the recipients a link to download the PDF, which you can see statistics on in Raven.
  5. Click Submit to save your changes or submit your email.

Viewing Trackable Download Link Stats

If you choose to send your report as a Trackable Download Link, you can see when the report was emailed and how many times the report has been downloaded by its recipients. This is particularly handy for seeing if your clients are actually reading the report, giving you insight on how to prepare for client meetings.

To view Trackable Download Link statistics, click the gear icon next to your report in Report Wizard and choose the Download History option. This will bring up a list of downloads and delivery times and dates, along with information on whether or not the email was sucessful.

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