How do I create a Report Template for Report Wizard reports?


Report Templates are saved report configurations that allow you to quickly run a specific type of report in Report Wizard for any Campaign without having to rebuild it. All Report Templates have an account-wide scope.

Create a Report Template

  1. Navigate to Reports > Report Templates.
  2. Enter a Name and click the Create Template button.
  3. Build your Report Template following the same steps as creating a new basic report.
  4. Templates are saved automatically as you proceed. Once you've finished, you can apply a Report Template to a newly created report in Report Wizard.

Keep in mind that not every setting will be available in Report Templates — only the settings that are generic will be available. You must customize your settings further after using a Report Template to populate a new report.

Delete a Report Template

If you would like to remove a Report Template from your Raven account, click the gear icon next to that template and choose the Delete option.

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