Can I white label my Raven account?



Yes! Raven gives you the power to rebrand the platform and your reports with its white label solutions. Not only can you rebrand the platform to display your own logo, footer text and more, you have ultimate control over what your clients see and how they see it.

There are three areas in Raven that contribute to the overall branding of your Raven account.

Preferences > White Label

The main White Label settings page allows you to change the logos, system text and client-facing email address for your entire Raven account. The following settings can be changed:

  • Company Name: This is used in automated emails to users, including alerts and other messages.
  • System Email Address: This will change the email address for automated emails to your users, excluding reports which can be customized individually
  • Logo Image: This changes the logo in the bottom-left corner of Raven and on the login page.
  • Favicon: This changes the small icon at the top of your browser, next to the page title.
  • iPhone/iPad Icon: This changes the image that appears when someone saves your Raven account as a bookmark on the home screen of their iOS device.
  • Login Page: If you've set a custom subdomain or purchased a Custom Domain add-on, you can customize the login page to add text, embed images and otherwise customize a block above the login form.
  • Footer: The footer appears at the bottom of every page in your Raven account. You can use HTML (including image embeds) to replace the default text.

These settings will change the look of your Raven account, but do not affect reports.

Preferences > Custom Domain

By default, Raven accounts start out on the domain. If you'd prefer to change to a custom subdomain (or, if you're a Grow, Lead, or Thrive account, a fully custom domain), you can do this from the Custom Domain settings page.

In addition to changing the Custom Domain, you can also change the exit page for when your users log out of your Raven account. Upon logging out, they will be directed to the page of your choosing, rather than the Raven logout page.

Preferences > Role Manager

If you're allowing your clients access to your Raven account as sub-users or read-only users, you can prevent them from having quick access to Raven's help resources and support ticketing system. To do this, create a new role in Role Manager and ensure that the Support option is set to No Access. Once you've created a role in Role Manager, you can limit your users' permissions with that custom role.

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