What are Table Settings?


TableOptions.pngEach table in Raven has a number of settings and functions that can be managed from the Table Settings menu. You can find the Table Settings menu in the top-right corner of any table, next to the Display Settings menu.

There are three common settings and functions that can be found in this menu: importing and exporting CSVs/PDFs, changing the pagination of a table and table history settings.


If you want to export a CSV that shares the filtering and display settings that you have active on a table, you can use the export function in the Table Settings menu to accomplish that task. This differs from similar functionality typically found in Tool Options, in that it will create a CSV based on your settings, rather than on the full complement of data.

In addition to exporting CSVs, you are generally also able to create PDF quick reports and, in some limited cases, import CSVs to bulk add data to the tool.


If you'd like to increase or decrease the number of entries listed in the table per page, click the Table Settings icon and choose a number for pagination. Your options are 10, 25, 50 and 100.

Table History


Table History will remember when filters have been applied to a particular table and allow those filters to remain attached to that table until they are closed or after a set period of time has elapsed. This is particularly useful for preserving filters while browsing to related tools in Raven without needing to reset the filter each time you return to that particular table.

The settings for Table History allow you to set a timeout for your filter, clear your cache to fix display issues or even disable Table History entirely.

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