How do I customize my users' access to tools in Raven?



Access to the tools and functions in Raven is fully customizable using Role Manager. Role Manager allows you to create access roles based on your users' needs. Whether it's removing access to a tool, making your reports read-only or shutting off access to an entire section, Role Manager can accomplish that.

For example, if you're setting up a Social Media Manager with access to your Raven account, that person probably doesn't need access to your Google Ads data. Role Manager lets you shuffle off the irrelevant ads and give your users the experience you want them to have.

The first step is to create a new role in Role Manager.

  1. Navigate to Preferences > Role Manager.
  2. Click either the Add Sub-User Role or Add Read-Only User Role button, depending on which type of user you want to customize access for.
  3. Give your role a name and a description, so that you'll know what it is in the future.
  4. Pick your tool access! You can set each tool to Full Access, Read-Only Access or No Access.
  5. Click the Save Role button.

Once you've created a role, you can apply it to your users in User Manager. In addition to tools, you can use roles to restrict access to Campaign creation, our Help Center and global icons like CRM.

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