Why does Google Ads show an "Unable To Load Page" error?



When navigating to Google Ads or any of the other tools in Raven's PPC section, there are instances where the tool will display an "Unable to Load Page" message, stating that an error has occurred that is preventing the tool from loading. This is a known issue with a simple fix.

Fixing the Unable to Load Error

The most common reason for why Raven users see the Unknown Error message when attempting to access Google Ads and other PPC tools is due to a conflict with advertisement blocking extensions. Tools like AdBlock Plus work by analyzing the source code of a website and hiding chunks of code that match their filters. But, because the filters for tools like these are broad by design, they can knock out non-offenders like Raven's Google Ads tool.

In order to be able to access these tools in Raven, you must either deactivate the extension entirely or add your Raven account as an exclusion to your extension. The method for accomplishing this differs between each program, so you may want to consult the program's help files for more information.

Once you've added your Raven account as an exclusion for your advertisement blocking software, refresh the page and you should see your data.

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