How do I limit my users' access to Campaigns in Raven?


Once you've created a user in User Manager, you'll need to grant that user permission to access your Profiles and Campaigns. By default, a user starts out with no access — but that can be changed in two ways, with the Default Profile Role setting and the Individual Profile Role settings.

Step 1: Set the Default Profile Role


Whenever a new Profile is created, that Profile is added to all your users with the "Use Default" role set, which means that they will gain access to that Profile depending on how your Default Profile Role is set.

If you want to grant your users access to future Profiles, set their Default Profile Role to Unrestricted or a custom role from Role Manager.

If you do not want your users to have access to Profiles created in the future, set their Default Profile Role to None.

Step 2: Set the Individual Profile Roles


If you're not granting unrestricted access to your new user, you can customize which Profiles and Campaigns they're allowed to access with Individual Profile Roles.

To remove a user's access for a Profile, select None as the role. Otherwise, choose Unrestricted or a custom role to give that user access to the Profile.

Once you've given a user access, you can enable the Customize option to select or deselect accessible Campaigns. Deselecting the checkbox will remove access from the Campaign for that user. Be aware that this setting will only appear if you have Unrestricted or a custom role selected as the Individual Profile Role.

Customizable Roles

If you'd like to take your access restrictions one step further, you can create a custom role in Role Manager. This allows you to set which tools, sections and features of Raven a user can access. Learn about creating a custom role here, then use the above instructions for applying that role to a user in User Manager.

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