What Data are Supported in Facebook Metrics?


Facebook-Metrics.pngIn Facebook Metrics, Raven provides data sourced directly from the Facebook Insights API, giving you up-to-date information about your page's reach, likes and other data related to Facebook.

In total, five sections are available in the Facebook Metrics section: Summary, Likes, Reach, Talking About This and Referral Traffic.

Keep in mind that Facebook will only display 90 days of data at a time. Additionally, Facebook metrics data is delayed by three days through their API.


The first section in Facebook Metrics shows high-level data for your overall Facebook Page. This includes your Total Likes, Weekly Total Reach and Referral Sessions, as well as a list of posts and how well they've performed.


The Likes section is all about the people who have clicked the Like button on your Facebook page. There are two sub-sections in the Likes section of Facebook Metrics: People Who Like Your Page and Where Your Likes Came From.

People Who Like Your Page is a collection of demographic information (gender, age, location) about the people who have clicked the Like button on your Facebook Page.

Where Your Likes Came From is essentially a list of referrals. These are the places where fans of your Facebook Page clicked the Like button.


The Reach section describes how far the posts and interactions made on your Facebook Page travelled through Facebook and how many people were exposed to your Page. There are three sub-sections in the Reach section of Facebook Metrics: Who You Reached, How You Reached People and Visits To Your Page.

Who You Reached shows demographic and location data for the people who saw your posts on Facebook.

How You Reached People is a somewhat complicated chart that explains how many people were exposed to how many types of content. The Y-Axis shows the number of people reached, while the lines depict how many elements of your page were reached in one day.

Visits to Your Page breaks down where visitors are landing on your Page and where they were referred from.

Talking About This

Facebook is gradually phasing out the People Talking About This collection of metrics. While we investigate adding more engagement metrics through Facebook Insights, this section provides information on How People Are Talking About Your Page, displaying the types of engagements and where those engagements are coming from.

Referral Traffic

If you have Google Analytics authorized, you can see a graph of how many people were referred to your website via Facebook. This data comes from the Social > Network Referrals section in Google Analytics.

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