How do I change my Account Owner?


The Account Owner is the person who first set up your Raven account. This user has the highest level of administration powers, including the ability to see usage and billing information, as well as unfettered access to everything in Raven.

Should you need to change the Account Owner to a different user, this is accomplished by logging into the Account Owner's account and updating the Change Login and Contact Details sections in the Preferences menu. There are three ways to accomplish this process:

Option 1: Request or Reset the Password

The most straight-forward option for changing the Account Owner is to simply request that the current Account Owner provide you with the login information for his or her account. Alternatively, if this person is not available and you have access to the Account Owner's email, you can reset the password on the Password Reset screen.

A password-reset link will be emailed to the email on file associated with the Account Owner. Once you are able to log in as the Account Owner, you can update the contact and login information.

Option 2: Request Permission

If you do not have access to the Account Owner's email and cannot otherwise access to the account, you can have the current Account Owner send Raven an email, authorizing us to make the necessary changes on their behalf. The email must come from the current Account Owner and they must be able to verify the account information associated with the account.

Option 3: Confirm Your Information

In the event the Account Owner is no longer an employee and you are unable to acquire their login information through the first two options, send Raven an email.

Our Customer Education Specialists will respond and ask for verification on the current account and billing information on file. If Raven is unable to verify you are an authorized employee of the company associated with the account, we will not be able to modify or provide ownership information. In addition to verifying account information, your email request must come from the company domain associated with the current account owner so that Raven can verify you are a current employee.

Keep Your Usernames Unique!

When updating your account ownership information, please note that Raven does not allow for multiple users on an account with the same username. If your email is currently associated with a Sub-User account, it cannot be used for the Account Owner. You will need to pick another email or change your existing sub-user account.


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