What's the difference between a Dashboard and a WYSIWYG Report?


In addition to the WYSIWYG Reports tool, which allows you to create dynamic, customizable reports in a flash, we've also overhauled our Dashboard using the same technology found in WYSIWYG Reports. But, what's the difference? And when should you use a Dashboard rather than a Report?

There are a few things that differentiate WYSIWYG Reports and Dashboards:

Reports are a snapshot; Dashboards are dynamic

When you create a report, it will take whatever date ranges you want and show that data as a snapshot in time. This is similar to the PDF reports created in Report Wizard, where you can trust that these reports' data will remain the same no matter when you look at it. Dashboards, however, display data from the previous 30 days and updates automatically.

Reports are sharable; Dashboards are just for you

Reports can be published to an HTML document that can be emailed, printed or saved as a file itself. Dashboards, however, are only available in your Raven account. You aren't able to share these Dashboards outside of Raven.

Reports are singular; Dashboards are exclusive

When you make edits to a report, that report will change for everyone with access to that report. Dashboards are unique to each user on your account — making changes to your Dashboard will not affect the Dashboard of another user on your account. This means you can pick the KPIs, graphs and tables that are most important to you, without needing to worry about your client or co-workers seeing it.

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