How do I import Dashboards from other Campaigns?


Have you created the perfect Dashboard for all of your clients? Instead of slowly rebuilding that Dashboard in all of your Campaigns, you can simply import all of the Sections and Widgets directly from your already awesome Dashboard. Keep in mind that Dashboards are specific to you — other users will not see these Dashboards.

There are two steps to the Dashboard import process:

Step 1: Allow Your Dashboard to be Shared

In order to import a Dashboard from one Campaign to another, you must first make that Dashboard available for sharing. You can do this using the Dashboard Options:

  1. Navigate to the Campaign where your Dashboard has been created.
  2. Go to Campaign > Dashboard.
  3. Click the Dashboard Settings button in the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Under "Allow This Dashboard Configuration To Be Shared," make a selection.
    • If you want to share this Dashboard in all of your Campaigns in a Profile, select Yes, But Only In This Profile.
    • If you want to share this Dashboard in all of your Profiles and Campaigns, select Yes, In All My Profiles.
  5. Click the Submit button to save your changes.

This will make it so that your Dashboard appears in the Import menu.

Step 2: Import Your Dashboard

Now that you've made your Dashboard sharable, it's time to bring that Dashboard into your other Campaigns. To do this, navigate to the Campaign you want to import into, open the Dashboard and click the Import button. Select a Dashboard from the listing and click Submit to automatically populate your Campaign with data.

Pro-Tip: Want to use the same Dashboard for all of your future Campaigns? Set it as a default!

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