How do I remove a Google Account from Raven?



When you connect a Google Account in Raven, it creates what is known as an authorization token. These tokens allow us to access your Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Analytics and YouTube data without needing to store your login data.

But, what if you connected the wrong account or otherwise no longer need to access an account? Raven allows you to delete these tokens through the Google Manager tool.

  1. Navigate to SEO Research > Google Analytics.
  2. Click the Tool Options button and choose Manage Google Accounts from the menu.
  3. You'll see a list of Google Accounts that have been added to your Raven account, along with which Google properties that token has access to. Find the account you want to remove.
  4. Next to this account, click the gear icon and choose Remove.
  5. You'll see a window noting all of the Campaigns that will be affected. You may want to screenshot this page, so that you'll know which Campaigns need to be reconnected or dealt with when you're done.
  6. Click the Delete Account button.

This will permanently remove the access token from your Raven account. To add it back, you will need to connect your Google Account again. You can also use this tool to reconnect Google Accounts, which may be necessary for troubleshooting purposes.

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