How do I make my WYSIWYG reports into importable templates?


Unlike Report Wizard, which uses Report Templates to manage importable templates, WYSIWYG Reports uses a simple Import function. This will allow you to import any report that has already been created in your Campaign — no need to turn it into a template and then back into a report.

How to make a report sharable


Once you've created a report that you would like to make sharable, click the Report Settings button and find the Would You Like to Share This Report setting. You have three options here: No, Yes (but only in this profile), and Yes (in all my profiles).

Choose one of the Yes settings and click Submit to make the report sharable.

How to import data into a report

Importing another report's structure and data into a new report can be accomplished with just a couple of clicks:

  1. Navigate to Reports > WYSIWYG Reports.
  2. Click the New Report button to create a new report.
  3. Click the Import button.
  4. Choose a previously created report from the list and click Submit.

All of the Sections and Widgets from that old report will be imported right into your new report. You can modify your Widgets, summary text, Section headers and more from there.

Can I import reports from other Campaigns or Profiles?

Yes! In order to make a report available for sharing, you must click the Tool Options button in your report and choose the Report Settings option. In this window, select an option for sharing. You can opt to share a report in one Profile or across your entire account.

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