How do I attach files to my WYSIWYG report?



When creating a report in WYSIWYG Reports, you're able to link to additional files as "File Attachments." If you'd like to add extra files — invoices, reports from other data sources, images or any other extra information — follow these steps to add an attachment to your report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > WYSIWYG Reports.
  2. Open the report that you want to add a file attachment to by clicking its title.
  3. Click the Add Section button.
  4. Click File Attachment on the Choose Section screen. 
  5. Enter the URL and Title of the file you want to attach. Select a section for that file to appear under.
  6. Click Submit.

Keep in mind that you aren't able to upload files directly into Raven for attaching in your reports at this time. You must upload them to a place where they can be publicly accessed like Dropbox, CloudApp or your own website.

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