How do I add Sections and Widgets to my Dashboard?


Dashboards are ultra-customizable, putting nearly every bit of data available in your Raven account at your fingertips. If you've already created a Dashboard that you would like to duplicate, you can click the Use Template button to copy another Dashboard's sections and widgets into your blank Dashboard.

Otherwise, you'll want to start from the beginning.

Add a Pre-Built Section

For your convenience, we've created a number of pre-built Sections that you can use in your Dashboard:

  1. Click the Add More Metrics button to bring up the data source picker.
  2. Choose a data source from the menu. Every tool in Raven is represented here, along with options for customizable text summaries, CSV imports, and file attachments.
  3. In the data source, choose a group of widgets. These are preset arrangements of KPIs, graphs, and tables that group data in logical ways, pulled into a single Section.
  4. Let the new Section populate and repeat as desired.

You can add as many Sections as you'd like to a Dashboard. To delete a section, hover over the Section title to reveal option icons. Click the X to delete the Section. You can also rename the section by clicking the gear icon and change the date range by clicking the calendar icon.

Add a Custom Widget

In addition to pre-built Sections, you can also add custom widgets to your Dashboard. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add More Metrics button to bring up the data source picker.
  2. Choose a data source from the menu. Be sure to pick the tool that contains the data you want in your custom widget.
  3. Instead of choosing a widget group, click the Create Custom Widget button.
  4. Select a metric from the drop-down menu and then select a Widget Type: KPI, Line Graph, Bar Chart, Pie Chart or Table.
  5. Choose your options. The options here are dependent on the kind of metric that you've chosen. Google Analytics widgets, for example, will give options for Advanced Segments and Primary Dimensions.
  6. Give your Widget a name and assign it to a Section.

You'll be able to preview what your custom widget looks like at the bottom of the Add New Widget window. To edit your Widget, hover over it and click the gear icon. To delete the widget, hover over it and click the X icon.

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