How do I limit maximum results or edit columns in tables?


Sometimes your clients need a lot of information in their reports. Sometimes they need just a little. For table widgets, you can fine-tune exactly what your customers see and how they can interact with their data. Click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of any table widget to see your options.

Here are three key ones:

1. Choose which columns to display

By clicking the checkbox next to the column name, you can control which information is included in your report. Check all the boxes to show everything; your clients will be able to scroll over to see the results. Or, more practically, limit the table to five to six columns for more printer friendly reports.


2. Choose how many results they can see

The Max Results dropdown lets you focus on only the most pertinent results. Whatever you choose, that's how many rows your table will have. By default, we'll show 10 results.


3. Choose the sort column.

It's simple to choose the column that your data will sort by. To sort a table by a particular column, select an option in the Sort Column menu, then choose the Sort Direction. 



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