What tools and accounts can I sync with Raven? What data does Raven integrate?


Raven integrates data from more than 20 marketing tools and services. There are many more integrations on our roadmap.

Here's how it all breaks down:

1. General data that Raven provides for you.

You don't need to use or subscribe to these services to see or report data from them in Raven. Yay for saving money! On the other hand, you can't access your specific account data if you do use or subscribe to them outside of Raven.

  • Moz (Research Central, Site Performance, Site Finder, Competitor Manager)
  • Majestic (Research Central, Site Performance, Backlink Explorer, Site Finder, Competitor Manager)
  • Calais (Research Central)
  • Google Page Speed (Research Central, Site Performance, Site Auditor)
  • WHOIS (Research Central, Site Performance, Site Auditor, Competitor Manager)
  • Alexa Rank (Research Central)
  • Twitter (Site Performance)*
  • Facebook (Site Performance)*
  • Google+ (Site Performance) 
  • LinkedIn (Site Performance)* 
  • Pinterest (Site Performance)
  • StumbleUpon (Site Performance)
  • Klout (Site Performance)
  • Google AdWords (Research Central, Keyword Manager)*
  • Bing Search (Site Finder)

*AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are exceptions to the can't-access-specific-accounts rule. See below.

2. Specific data from your accounts, which you must allow Raven to access.

As soon as you grant Raven permission to access your own accounts from these sources, you can manage, monitor and/or report on your specific data from them. Talk about a one-stop shop!

  • Google Analytics (Google Analytics, Rankings, SEO Metrics, Keyword Manager)
  • Google AdWords (Google AdWords)
  • Bing Ads (Bing Ads)
  • Facebook (Facebook, Facebook Metrics, Facebook Ads)
  • Twitter (Twitter, Twitter Metrics, CRM)
  • LinkedIn (LinkedIn, LinkedIn Metrics)
  • Instagram (Facebook Ads)
  • YouTube (YouTube, YouTube Metrics)
  • MailChimp (Email Metrics, CRM)
  • Constant Contact (Email Metrics)
  • Campaign Monitor (Email Metrics, CRM)
  • AWeber (Email Metrics, CRM)
  • Emma (Email Metrics)
  • Google Search Console (Search Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Rankings, Keyword Manager)
  • Bing Webmaster Tools (Rankings)
  • Scribe (Content Manager; not reportable)
  • WuFoo (CRM; not reportable)
  • Authority Labs (importable into WYSIWYG Reports)

3. Marketing tools and data sources not yet integrated with Raven

Want your favorite marketing tool or data provider integrated with Raven? Check out the list below to see if it's on the roadmap.

  • Call Tracking: Call tracking is one of our most requested data sources, but it comes in many different forms. We're putting out feelers on the call tracking services our customers are using in anticipation of researching this further.
  • Google My Business: Not in active development, but being researched for the future.
  • Instagram: Ads data is available through Facebook Ads. Social data is not in active development, but being researched for the future.
  • Twitter Ads: Not in development.
  • Google+: Not in development. We have applied for API access.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest offers an API, but doesn't provide access to any analytics data at this time, which prevents us from being able to provide anything reportable.

Don't see the one you're looking for — call tracking or ExactTarget anyone? If it's not listed anywhere above, we don't integrate it and don't have plans to anytime soon. But that doesn't mean you can't ask us for it! Make your case in an email to [email protected].

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