How do I filter the data in my report tables?


WYSIWYG-SortFilters.pngEach widget in a Raven report has a number of options designed for giving you the most relevant data for your needs. Many of these options appear by default, like Advanced Segments in Google Analytics and Campaigns in Google Ads. But, what if you need to filter the data in your tables in a similar fashion to in the tools themselves?

The Reports tool is able to discover saved Filter Sets and apply those filters to your reporting data. In order to use these filters, you'll need to follow a few steps:

  1. First, locate where the data you're wanting to filter comes from. Let's use Site Auditor's META Issues widget as an example. This data is found in SEO Research > Site Auditor > META, so navigate there.
  2. Click the Filter button and select Create New Filter from the dropdown listing. For more information about how to construct a filter, read this corresponding help document.
  3. Once you've built your filter, click the Save button. Give it a name and set the filter to either Global or Profile. Reports will not see Private filters.
  4. Return to your report and edit the table widget. You should see a new dropdown menu titled "Filters (Optional)" that contains the filter you just saved.
  5. Select your filter and click the Save button to filter your data.

Don't forget to click the Publish Changes button if making edits to an already published report.

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