How do I reauthorize my YouTube account?


In March 2015, Raven upgraded its YouTube integration to use YouTube's dedicated analytics API, rather than saving the data ourselves using an outdated data retrieval method. Not only does this mean that your metrics will be more reliable going forward, it also opens the door for further improvements and additions to YouTube and YouTube Metrics.

How do I reauthorize my Google account?

To reauthorize your Google account and gain access to the new YouTube analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the Google account that is managing your YouTube channel or channels.
  2. In Raven, navigate to Social > YouTube.
  3. Click the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and choose Manage Accounts.
  4. Next to the account in question, click the gear icon and select Reauthorize.
  5. On the screen that appears, click the Continue to Google button.
  6. Walk through Google's reauthorization process.

Why should I reauthorize my account?

In order to take advantage of the new YouTube analytics, you must reauthorize your account. The connection points are slightly different, which prevents us from being able to move your existing YouTube authorization over to the new system. Reauthorizing your Google account will make the proper connection.

If you do not reauthorize your Google account, you will not have access to YouTube analytics in Raven.

Will I lose any historic data?

Not only will you not lose any historic data — you'll gain some! The new version of Raven's YouTube integration provides analytical data for every video in your account, from the point the video was uploaded forward.

Previously, Raven was only able to provide general data on the previous 50 videos from your account and detailed information on a select 10. The upgrade allows you to view data for every video, no matter when it was uploaded, without needing to enable Video Monitoring.

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