Where is Raven's toolbar extension for Chrome?


Raven's Chrome Toolbar was deprecated in January 2015 and fully removed from our system in March 2015. It is no longer available for download and existing copies of the toolbar will not work.

Why Remove It?

Following recent updates to Google Chrome, many of the features in Raven's Chrome toolbar extension no longer work as expected. This included the ability to select Campaigns, add links and most other useful functions of the toolbar. With consideration for the dysfunctional state of the toolbar — along with updated extension guidelines that disallow multi-function toolbars in the Chrome Store — we decided to remove the ability to download it in January 2015.

We highly recommend disabling and uninstalling the toolbar. As of March 2015, any remaining toolbar functionality has been disabled.

What About Firefox Toolbar?

Before the Chrome Toolbar, there was the Firefox Toolbar. This was deprecated in August 2012 and is similarly no longer available for download.

Will You Create New Extensions?

Yes! Raven does have plans to create new browser extensions, which will fit within the new standards for how browser extensions should look and work. These extensions will not be toolbars, but will provide similar functionality to those older extensions. Keep an eye on our blog for more information on these extensions as they're developed.

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