Can I manage my own LinkedIn profile? What about groups?


As of May 12, 2015, Raven's LinkedIn integration no longer supports managing or reporting on LinkedIn profiles or groups.

What Happened?

In February 2015, LinkedIn announced plans to make major restrictive changes to their developer program. These plans locked down the open APIs to just four uses: 

  • Allowing members to represent their professional identity via their LinkedIn profile using our Profile API.
  • Enabling members to post certifications directly to their LinkedIn profile with our Add to Profile tools.
  • Enabling members to share professional content to their LinkedIn network from across the Web leveraging our Share API.
  • Enabling companies to share professional content to LinkedIn with our Company API.

Instead of offering public APIs for any developer to build off of, LinkedIn has made the decision to move in the direction of specific partnerships with companies like Samsung and Evernote. Although Raven received assurances that our access to this data would remain untouched, our LinkedIn integration was affected by the tightening of restrictions around the use of their public APIs.

Will You Restore These Features?

Because LinkedIn no longer provides access to Profiles or Groups in the way that Raven previously accessed them, we are unable to restore support for Profiles and Groups in our LinkedIn tool.

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