Change Log


November 2016


  • Update: We used to show an "abort" error message when you navigated away from a table that was still loading. That error wasn't exactly helpful — it was just telling you the obvious, that you interrupted the loading of a table to do something else — and it was causing some consternation with our customers, so we removed it.


  • Update: Due to their respective data sources removing the methods for accessing this data, we removed Facebook, Twitter, and Klout metrics from Site Performance.
  • Bug Fix: Continuing on the update made on November 17 to Site Auditor, we are limiting the number of results that can appear in Site Auditor to prevent time outs. This solution is a stopgap while we refactor the process to be more efficient.


  • Update: Large amounts of Site Auditor data (in excess of 8,000 entries) could prevent individual sections from loading. We're now showing an error message and truncated results in the case of our system timing out when attempting to access this data.


  • Update: We improved the logic in Site Auditor queueing, so that fewer websites will get stuck in the queue.


  • Bug Fix: A typo was preventing charts in Google Analytics from loading properly.


  • Update: We switched our help widget around due to some changes with Zendesk. You can now access help articles (like this one!) from the Help button in the bottom-right corner of Raven. This will also suggest articles based on your page URL and allows for attaching files.
  • Bug Fix: Link Alerts were not emailing for individually monitored links, though they were appearing in Notifications. This has been fixed so that they are both emailed and show in Notifications.


  • Update: After restoring Report Wizard to all of our customers, we found that there was some confusion over the utility of the tools that specifically work with Report Wizard: Brand Templates, Report Templates, and Report History. In order to make it more clear that these tools only work with Report Wizard, we moved them into the Tool Options menu in Report Wizard.
  • Update: Changing filters in Search Analytics will now update the chart and KPIs at the top of the tool. Previously, this only showed the default data.
  • Update: Countries can now be filtered in Search Analytics.
  • Bug Fix: Major changes were made to the backend of Search Analytics that dramatically improved consistency between the tool and reports, as well as between individual elements in the tool itself. We also reduced the number of API calls made to update data, improved caching, and generally cleaned up the codebase to make this tool better in numerous performance metrics.

October 2016


  • Update: Twitter no longer counts images and usernames as part of the 140 character allowance for posts, so we don't either. We removed the character usage for these elements of a Tweet in our Twitter integration.
  • Bug Fix: Event Manager wasn't displaying properly for some users. We've simplified the code and put it more in line with the way that other tables in Raven load.


  • Bug Fix: In the past, Search Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools have been unable to connect to URLs with special characters in them. We're no longer stripping the special characters from these URLs so that they can be properly connected. 
  • Bug Fix: Following up on the fixes for Search Analytics reporting made the day prior, this continues to resolve the issue with sorting and filtering data in this report widget.


  • Bug Fix: The Queries table widget for Search Analytics reporting in WYSIWYG Reports wasn't showing column selectors or sorting options. This has been adjusted to provide those settings again.


  • Update: We've made some backend improvements to the way that we connect to Facebook accounts. This is the first step in a larger project to improve the consistency of connecting to Facebook for both posting and metrics data.


  • Bug Fix: Removed comparison date for Google Webmaster Tools KPIs in WYSIWYG Reports when the section is set to no comparison.
  • Bug Fix: Domains ending in weren't properly processing when researched in Backlink Explorer.


  • Bug Fix: Some inconsistencies existed in the quick report for Research Central's Competitors section. These have been ironed out, along with a bug in the Bing Search data that we're using.
  • Bug Fix: The quick report for Research Central's Quality section wasn't exporting due to a code error. This has been fixed.


  • Update: We bumped our AdWords API to v201609, which is mandated by Google. No major functionality changes in this update, but some functions may be put into use in the future.


  • Bug Fix: When exporting CSVs from Site Auditor's Links section, these CSVs didn't include the Broken Pages information for links returning a 400 HTML error. This has been fixed.

September 2016


  • Bug Fix: Changing the date format was causing the DD and MM to get swapped, causing some odd issue with the reported date ranges. This has been fixed.


  • Update: Some folks were missing the ability to preview HTML versions of their scheduled WYSIWYG Reports. We added the preview button back.
  • Bug Fix: Made some more improvements to scheduled reports, so that their date ranges would remain intact and correct when automatically run.
  • Bug Fix: Some AdWords metrics were being returned as a decimal instead of a percentage. That has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: Repaired a few more instances of comparison dates showing when they shouldn't be.
  • Bug Fix: Required a selected Date Range in scheduled WYSIWYG Reports for the "schedule date for all sections" checkbox to be selected. This prevents reports from forcing a Last Month result when Date Range is unselected.


  • Update: We bumped the Bing Search version to v5, which affects Site Finder and Research Central.
  • Bug Fix: Changing the import logic in WYSIWYG Reports had some unintended consequences in Dashboards. We restored the Import button to Dashboards. 
  • Bug Fix: Rerunning reports in Backlink Explorer defaulted to the Historic Index every time. They'll now rerun using the correct settings, based on the original report.


  • Update: We made some major UI/UX updates to Report Builder, which we renamed to WYSIWYG Reports. These changes differentiate the One Time and Scheduled reports, give them unique settings based on their "type" (which remove irrelevant settings), and clear up confusion about what each report does. This is now togglable through Report Settings.
  • Update: Generated WYSIWYG scheduled reports now link back to their original scheduled report, both in the edit mode and on the overview screen.
  • Update: When there are no reports set as an available template for importing, the import button will no longer appear.
  • Update: We restored access to Report Wizard for all Raven Tools users. Report Wizard was our original reporting tool, which was not accessible for many newer Raven users. We've dusted off the tool and added it back, hoping to learn some more about how we can improve our reporting. For more information, see this article.
  • Bug Fix: Our UX/UI improvements to WYSIWYG Reports caused an unintended issue with comparison data indicators appearing, even though the Comparison Date Range was set to None.


  • Update: Even more updates to Research Central's speed, making it so that a couple of background tables are loaded without a built-in delay. Also, Keyword Summary stats will appear immediately if cached now.
  • Bug Fix: Competitors data in Research Central wasn't rendering properly, instead throwing an SQL error. We restored that data.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter changed the endpoint for uploading images into tweets, which caused any tweet including an image to fail when posted through Raven. We've replaced our old endpoint with the new ones, making this work properly again.


  • Bug Fix: An issue with Research Central's caching logic was holding it back from being even faster than the previous update made it. That issue was repaired and Research Central has never been speedier.


  • Update: We infused Research Central with more server power, making it dramatically faster than it was before.
  • Update: We added some extra error messaging when Bing Ads gives us an error upon attempting to connect a Bing Ads account.
  • Bug Fix: When running a Quick Report in Bing Ads, we weren't using the date range noted in the tool. These reports will now use your selected date range instead of defaulting to the past 30 days.


  • Bug Fix: Numerous fixes and improvements to Research Central, including improved cache logic, allowing more time for the Backlinks section to call Majestic for data, and better error logging on our end.


  • Update: Google AdWords doesn't supply the root domain for ad previews, so we were substituting in This proved to be confusing, so we replaced it with elipses instead.
  • Update: We expanded our Site Auditor user-agent to the long-form version. Instead of simply RavenCrawler, Site Auditor's crawler user-agent is now Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; RavenCrawler/2.0; +

August 2016


  • Update: Site Auditor now detects Google Tag Manager as a valid Google Analytics instance! Previously, Site Auditor would not be able to find GMT instances and would return a false error of "Missing GA Tracking" for affected crawls. This has been updates on all versions of Site Auditor.


  • Bug Fix: We're now retrying Google PageSpeed requests more frequently in the case of the API failing to respond. 


  • Bug Fix: We will now catch when Site Auditor crawls are stuck in the queue, automatically resetting them in the queue when websites are either not picked up for crawling, marked as crawling but not actually crawling, or marked as processing without any processing happening.


  • Update: We've dramatically overhauled the behind-the-scenes systems that activate when an account goes into "dunning" status due to a pending or unpaid invoice. There are a lot of components to what exactly that means, but the important part for our customers is that they no longer need to contact support to have their subscriptions revived from a failed status.
  • Update: A banner now appears for the Account Owner when an invoice is past due, bidding them to enter new billing information.
  • Bug Fix: The version of the Bing Ads API that we were using for Report Wizard reports had been sunsetted, breaking a few different selectors. We've bumped our API version back to current in order to fix these issues. 
  • Bug Fix: Some customers were receiving empty or corrupted invoices due to timeout issues. We now hold incomplete invoices for a period of time and try them again until they send complete versions.
  • Bug Fix: The left-hand navigation would sometimes go dark and become inaccessible when connecting accounts.


  • Update: In the past, when you opened any report in Report Builder, it would immediately update the "Last Updated" date and move it to the top of the listing. That made organizing your reports challenging, to say the least, so we removed that feature. 
  • Bug Fix: In extremely rare occasions, unfamiliar Advanced Segments could appear in your report dropdown menu. This will never, ever happen again.


  • Bug Fix: When enclosing your email address in parenthesis rather than brackets in Report Builder's email settings, the settings would save even though the email address was invalid. We now automatically convert parenthesis to brackets, to avoid that issue going forward.
  • Bug Fix: The alignment of table metrics in Google Analytics reporting wasn't consistent. These metrics will always align to the left now.
  • Bug Fix: When specifying a country or state/region in Google Analytics Geo report widgets, an extra space at the end of the field would cause no data to appear. We're trimming trailing spaces from these fields now.
  • Bug Fix: Events from Event Manager weren't correctly overlaying onto Google Analytics charts and graphs. This has been fixed as part of our removal of double caching for Google Analytics data in Report Builder.


  • Update: Our standalone Site Auditor tool officially launched! This is a separate tool from the Raven Tools platform, but works on the same Site Auditor foundation with improved UX/UI. Improvements made to the standalone tool will also be reflected in the platform version of Site Auditor.


  • Update: We overhauled the Authority Labs import widget with a number of fixes and upgrades, including maintaining the AuthorityLabs report URL when editing the widget, finding the CSS delimiter in the report so that all data is returned in Raven, fixes to sorting, and fixes to returning correct data when changing the date range in your report.
  • Bug Fix: AdWords Express (AWX) and Video campaigns weren't appearing as options in the Campaigns dropdown when creating and editing AdWords report widgets. We're now getting campaigns directly from the source of AdWords reporting, which cleared up this issue.
  • Bug Fix: There were instances where the buttons in a Site Auditor report widget were not clickable. We've fixed that issue so that this experience is more consistent.


  • Update: We added an "Example" overlay to the widget previews that appear when creating or editing a custom widget in Report Builder and Dashboard. This was confusing, as it was often seen as a data preview (rather than a preview of the styling of the widget).
  • Update: We worked with our friends on the Moz API team to ensure that Raven was able to obtain Moz data more consistently from their systems.
  • Bug Fix: We were double caching Advanced Segments in Report Builder, which was causing a longer than necessary delay between creating a new Advanced Segment and seeing it as an available option in reporting. That extra layer of caching has been removed. 
  • Bug Fix: The sort arrow for Authority Labs import widgets was always appearing in the wrong column. Now it appears in the correct column.


  • Update: When selecting different Metrics in creating custom report widgets with Google Analytics data, Report Builder would often refresh all of the fields, requiring work to be re-done. We've made this less jarring, so that these fields won't reset.
  • Update: We cleaned up the dropdown menu displays in creating a custom widget in Report Builder.
  • Update: When we receive errors from Google Analytics, we'll display a much more helpful message than, simply, "error." These messages appear when there are connection issues.


  • Update: We now display an error message when users attempt to apply an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics reporting that isn't supported through Google's API.
  • Bug Fix: When drilling down into URLs that included a + character, we were failing to show the correct full URL, which resulted in blank data appearing in the tool. We are now encoding this special character correctly.


  • Update: We've removed local scopes from the Google connection and reconnection process, as well as the Google management screen. This means that Raven will no longer fail to match up with the permissions granted to us in your Google Account. (And, as a result, far fewer instances of disconnected accounts and missing data for our customers.)
  • Update: Added support for Expanded Text Ad reporting in our Google AdWords tools.


  • Bug Fix: We are once again explicitly excluding AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and ads that have zero impressions from being paused. This was broken in the API update.
  • Bug Fix: We made the first column for Google Analytics PDF reports just a little bit wider, so that long URLs can be wrapped instead of pushing the other columns off the edge of the page.


  • Bug Fix: A quirk in our recent update to the latest AdWords API version caused the AdWords Campaign selector to be blank in reports. That issue was fixed.


  • Update: We spruced up Search Analytics with more padding for the Queries, Pages, Countries, and Devices tables.
  • Update: We added some better messaging to errors in Report Builder's email settings. Now when there is an invalid email address in one of the fields, it will tell you which field is causing the problem.
  • Bug Fix: When attempting to connect Bing Webmaster Tools through widgets in Report Builder, we were instantly redirecting you to a page that didn't exist. That redirect has been removed and connecting BWT in Report Builder is once again possible.

July 2016


  • Update: Bing Ads will now more accurately detect the currency that is sent by Bing Ads to Raven, falling back to the currency set in Campaign Settings when a currency is not set in Bing Ads itself.


  • Bug Fix: Back in April, we thought we were fixing an issue where higher Page Exit Rate was colored green (as a positive) instead of red (as a negative). As it turns out, we had it right the first time around.
  • Bug Fix: The Site Finder usage counter wasn't updating correctly. It will now tell you how many Site Finder reports have been used, and how many you have left.


  • Bug Fix: For a minute, accounts with add-on Custom Domains were able to downgrade to Pro. This is no longer possible, as only Agency users are able to use Custom Domains.


  • Bug Fix: In order to more reliably obtain Moz data, we worked with Moz's API team to set a user-agent and obtain Moz metrics through that agent. 


  • Update: Made it possible to display a modal window on-top of another modal window, mainly to show Advanced Segment definitions while in the Widget Editor. 
  • Bug Fix: Some UTF-8 encryption issues were causing the Add Link button in Link Manager to disappear.


  • Update: Advanced Segments with duplicate names will now be shown in Google Analytics and Report Builder. When a duplicate is discovered, the ID code for that duplicate will be displayed in brackets.
  • Update: The recipes of each Advanced Segment can be seen in Report Builder and Google Analytics. To see what an Advanced Segment is filtering, click the View Definition link under the Advanced Segments dropdown menu.
  • Bug Fix: The version of the Bing Ads API that we were using for Report Wizard reports had been sunsetted, breaking a few different selectors. We've bumped our API version back to current in order to fix these issues. 
  • Bug Fix: Some customers were receiving empty or corrupted invoices due to timeout issues. We now hold incomplete invoices for a period of time and try them again until they send complete versions.
  • Bug Fix: The left-hand navigation would sometimes go dark and become inaccessible when connecting accounts.


  • Update: We've removed Persona Manager from Raven. This tool was deprecated in February and replaced with an export page. After ensuring that our customers had received the data they needed, we removed that export page as well. 
  • Bug Fix: In extremely rare occasions, unfamiliar Advanced Segments could appear in your report dropdown menu. This will never, ever happen again.


  • Update: Previously, eCommerce was selectable under the Conversions menu in Google Analytics. This doesn't actually make much sense, because you needed to change the Table Content option to eCommerce to get that data — only changing the Conversions option didn't display transactional data. For the sake of simplicity, we've removed this from Conversions.


  • Update: If the user who first initiated a Site Auditor crawl has their account deactivated, future crawl notification emails will be delivered to the Account Owner instead. If the Account Owner has Site Auditor notifications turned off, they will not be sent at all.
  • Update: We've updated the Quick Reports for both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Both tools now use the new Report Builder styling, available in both HTML and PDF formats.
  • Update: Added a "Total Pages Crawled" KPI to Site Auditor reporting and added that new KPI to Site Auditor Quick Reports.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a typo on the Account Type page for Agency users.
  • Bug Fix: The Tool Options button would sometimes appear for tools that hadn't yet been connected to their respective data sources (or had any starting data added): Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Link Manager, Keyword Manager, Competitor Manager, Facebook. This button will not appear on the connection/add data screens now.


  • Bug Fix: When attempting to create a Site Auditor Quick Report from the settings page, nothing would happen. This will now give you a Summary report. 


  • Update: We missed a space in the text describing image uploading in Text Summary widgets. Whoops!
  • Bug Fix: When switching between Date Range options in Report Builder's Scheduling tab, certain required fields would appear and not disappear.


  • Update: We've updated the SEO tools to use the newer Report Builder-based Quick Report styling. These reports can be created in both HTML or PDF formats.
  • Bug Fix: Facebook was only displaying a maximum of 25 Facebook Pages when connecting an account to Raven. It will now display every Page available.


  • Bug Fix: The comparison date range for Twitter Metrics wasn't being correctly passed to the Dashboard.


  • Bug Fix: A piece of code was preventing Facebook authorization from popping up. That code has been improved.
  • Bug Fix: Bing Ads was double-converting currencies, effectively showing USD results with different currency symbols. 


  • Update: Website Directory would take absolutely forever to load for users with a lot of Profiles and Campaigns, mainly due to some caching issues. We've spruced that process up, making Website Directory dramatically faster for most users. 
  • Bug Fix: When moving Data Import widgets to different Sections in Report Builder, it would forget the file that had been previously uploaded. It will now remember that file. 


  • Update: In our new billing system, we weren't properly warning our customers when their credit cards were approaching expiration or when their annual billing cycles were about to renew. We've fixed those email notifications.
  • Bug Fix: We noticed that reports were timing out after two minutes. We've bumped that up a bit to let them run for a little longer before stopping.


June 2016


  • Update: We've simplified the process of connecting a Google account in Setup Wizard. When connecting an account for the first time, customers were experiencing some confusing behaviour on the final modal.
  • Update: We've made the "trial ends upon upgrade" description in the upgrade modal more clear.
  • Bug Fix: Events in Event Manager marked campaign specific were also showing at the profile level. However, this issue has been fixed.


  • Update: We've added a breadcrumb for the Google account manage. This makes it easier to return to the last Google module. 


  • Update: We've revised the language from the Welcome Summary for campaigns beyond the first one. 
  • Bug Fix: Bing Ads wasn't reflecting the currency preference set in Campaign Settings. 
  • Bug Fix: We've remove "Favorites" from the YouTube and related reports to reflect Google's change to their analytics API.


  • Update: We've made UX improvements to the centralized authorization.
  • Update: When users clicked the "Add Google Webmaster Tools" button on the Rankings tool introcard, the behavoiur wasn't consistent with the other sections. 
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor wasn't crawling some sites. These sites were responding with a 302 redirect to a URL that didn't include a domain. However, this issue has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The Bing Ads Countries table widget in Report Builder was showing an error message. However, this issue has been fixed. 


  • Update: We've made changes to the report scheduling section in ReportBuilder. Now it's easier for users to understand how to use the date picker. 
  • Update: Previously, some columns in Report Builder were toggleable, which was not matching the behaviour of the table columns in the application tools. 


  • Update: We've added the ability to upload images directly from Report Builder. You no longer need to host images elsewhere.
  • Bug Fix: When users tried to reconnect a Google account within the Google management section, a popuo was freezing, and an error message was shown.


  • Update: We've added bullet points to clarify users' options on the step two of Setup Wizard. 
  • Update: We've made changes to the "Submit" button shown during the import process of Authority Labs data into Report Builder. Once a URL has been submitted, you can hit "enter" to move to the next step. Also, we've disabled the "submit" button until the first step is done. 
  • Bug Fix: When users signed up for a new account, Setup Wizard triggered popup blockers if they tried to connect Google Analytics or Google AdWords. 


  • Update: We've added in-app message throughout several sections of the tool to assist users.
  • Bug Fix: Report Builder's Tool Options weren't reflecting the correct date options when new sections were added to reports. They were only showing the last 30 days. 


  • Update: We've added the ability to connect Google accounts from any Google module - Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Webmaster Tools, Rankings, and YouTube.
  • Bug Fix: The Metrics section in YouTube wasn't updating to the selected date. This was causing qick reports to include an incorrect date range, unless the page was refreshed. 
  • Bug Fix: Some sites were returning a 500 error during a crawl when users weren't including "Accept-Encoding" header with the initial request. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The Social Overview line graphs in Report Builder were loading a "No Chart Available" error message. The data couldn't be retrieved until the request was submitted a second time. 
  • Bug Fix: When new Twitter accounts were connected, a popup was appearing to view the account or create a report. However, when users chose to view their Twitter account, they weren't taken to that section. 


  • Update: We've consolidated Report Builder's publishing buttons into a dropdown menu.
  • Bug Fix: When users connected third party serviced from Setup Wizard, they were automatically take to the tool. At this step, the left navigation went dark and didn't allow users to navigate anywhere else without refreshing. 
  • Bug Fix: We weren't properly interpreting Hebrew characters in Search Analytics, and Search Analytic's corresponding reports. 
  • Bug Fix: Users were seeing a 500 error when they had read-only access to Website Director, but not Link Manager. We've fixed this issue.
  • Bug Fix: SEO Metrics' Landing Pages exported a .csv file weren't including Bounce Rate. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Site Performance wasn't detecting Google Analytics integration even when Site Auditor was. However, this issue has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: When Authority Labs files were imported, many keyword ranking columns were showing 999999 instead of "--", which indicates no ranking. 
  • Bug Fix: When users navigated to the Dashboard the "Dashboard Settings" button was beings shown twice. 


  • Update: We've turned off PDF annotations in the Social section's quick reports because they made reports looked cluttered. 
  • Update: We've removed an unnecessary Campaign columns from the Top Searches table of Google Webmaster Tools. 
  • Update: We've updated the option "None" to "No Crawl Comparison" in Report Builder's Site Auditor widgets when users don't want to compare data.
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics' line chart wasn't updating line chart metrics when switching Advanced Segments. 
  • Bug Fix: When scheduling tweets, some users were seeing an "error creating status" message. This issue was the result of an image storage system problem. However, this has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: When users tried to reconnect Google Analytics, the system didn't complete the process and the same  permissions remained. 
  • Bug Fix: Google tokens weren't functioning properly in Raven. For example, when Google Analytics was connected, Google AdWords would no longer be authorized. And vice versa. However, this has been fixed.


  • Update: When adding a Twitter Follower / Following Ratio KPI to a report in Report Builder, or generating a quick report that included a comparison date, the value overlapped Twitter usernames. 
  • Update: Previously, users didn't have the option to turn off comparisons when creating a Site Auditor report in Report Builder. This has been added.
  • Bug Fix: We discovered issues with Google Analytics' authorization stalling. However, this has been fixed. 


May 2016

MAY 31

  • Update: We've removed an unnecessary Google Analytics permission popup modal that appeared during the authorization process.
  • Bug Fix: Google AdWords Display Ads' table icons in Report Builder weren't displaying properly on mobile.
  • Bug Fix: Research Central's Comparison section wasn't correctly showing websites for comparison. However, this has been fixed. 

MAY 24

  • Update: We've corrected the misspelled "Columbia" to "Colombia."
  • Bug Fix: The "Add Website" button in Report Wizard wasn't responding to the enter key. However, this has been fixed.

MAY 23

  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics Events were showing in the Report Builder table, but not the Dimension Key for the API.

MAY 18

  • Update: We've added comparison columns, with color coding, to Search Analytics tables. This changes is also reflected in Report Builder. 
  • Bug Fix: A large number of links weren't being reported in Backlink Explorer between the Historic and Fresh index results.

MAY 12

  • Bug Fix: When users clicked the "Back" button on the Add Bing Webmaster Tools API Key modal, the screen faded, and the modal disappeared. Because there wasn't another action to take, the page needed to be refreshed.
  • Bug Fix: The Keywords table in Research Central wasn't loading and users were seeing an error message that said, "There was a problem executing your request."
  • Bug Fix: A large number of internal "nofollow" tags were mistakenly being reports in Site Auditor. However, this has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: The table in the Keyword section of Research Central was loading slowly and users were receiving error messages. This issue has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Dates were being reversed when users created an event and showed a label for a tool.


  • Update: The table "save to PDF" now uses the same quick report format as Report Builder.
  • Update: We've updated Google Webmaster Tools' first message about retrieving results to reflect how long it will take.
  • Update: Previously, read-only users with access to Report Builder could only view reports by clicking on the gear icon. Now, users can click on a title to view published report.
  • Bug Fix: Site Performance and Backlink Explorer weren't providing the same number of external backlinks. Site Performance's number was much higher, but this has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Link Manager was showing a link's anchor text in cyrillic characters. However, the destination URL wasn't recognizing those characters.


April 2016


  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics Overview line charts in Report Builder were showing lines for Mediums rather than Page View vs. Sessions.
  • Bug Fix: The Tool Options > Export Data option in Research Central wasn't working when you researched a URL on the Backlinks section.


  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics was skipping the second to last data point on weekly and monthly plotted graphs.
  • Bug Fix: When you tried to connect several different Big API keys to different campaigns, only the first one worked. However, the additional keys were overwritten and connected to a new account. 


  • Bug Fix: We discovered some issues with Bing Webmaster Tools disconnecting and being unable to connect accounts. However, this issue has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: We've restored the colors of the tool headers in Raven.
  • Bug Fix: When you tried to create a Google Analytics line graph widget that included an Audience Mobile Overview, the lines were already on the graph. Once you clicked Submit, the charts didn't show those lines. 


  • Update: We've converted Site Performance, Email Metrics, and Keyword Manager to quick reports which look like the reports from Report Builder.


  • Update: We've removed Google Analytics Goals E-Commerce from Report Wizard.


  • Update: We've converted the Social section of Raven to quick reports. These look like the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube reports from Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: The "People Who Like Your Page" in Report Builder was empty when you created a report. And the data still wasn't showing, even when the reports was published. However, this has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: If you imported Authority Lab data and tried to sort Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and selected ascending, the first keywords listed where unranked. In addition, when you changed the sort arrows and direction it never switched.


  • Bug Fix: When you created a new custom chart in Google Analytics, the side navigation didn't show a label for it. You needed to manually refresh to see it. 


  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Goal Completion wasn't showing goal 5 and 6 in Report Wizard when a full PDF report was created.
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics' Exit Pages were showing the arrow position and color coding incorrectly. However, this issue has been fixed.


  • Update: We've removed all reference of, and the option to user it, as a Twitter URL shortener. was using the API endpoint. 
  • Bug Fix: Report Builder's Email Reports were sending emails with the subject line "Report from Raven." The system wasn't pulling the correct company name for White Label report.
  • Bug Fix: We discovered some issues where customers were having trouble connecting Wordpress using an XML RPC endpoint. However, this issue has been fixed.


  • Update: We've re-labeled the reporting option dropdown from "Create PDF Report" to "Create Report" for customers who like to generate a quick HTML report. This will only appear in sections where new quick reports are available. 


  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics' Dimension Key KPIs weren't showing the correct goal value in Report Builder.

March 2016


  • Update: We've updated the "Request New Features" with a link to our Zendesk's Community
  • Update: We've changes reports in the Google Analytics section in Raven to look like the reports from Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: When a section was set up to "none", the Keyword Manager table in the Dashboard and Report Builder wasn't showing comparison correctly.
  • Bug Fix: The Email Metrics tabled wasn't sorting correctly in the Dashboard or Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: There was a discrepancy when comparing the data between Search Analytics and the widgets in Report Builder. However, this has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: The Email Metrics links table wasn't sorting properly in Report Builder and the Dashboard. 


  • Update: We've removed simple navigation form the side navigation bar.
  • Bug Fix: The Backlink Distribution by Top-Level Domain bar chart in Research Central didn't show any results if you compared two or more domains that had different sets of backlink top level domains.


  • Bug Fix: The Advertisers Competition bar in the Research Central Keywords: AdWords KPI didn't always match what was being shown in Raven.


  • Update: We've retired Persona Manager. Additional details are here.


  • Bug Fix: We've removed the "Name" field and description from the first step in Setup Wizard. In addition, we've renamed the title from "Add your campaign" to "Enter your website", and "URL" to "Website URL."
  • Bug Fix: Small black triangles were appearing to the left of the domain names or page names in several sections of Google Analytics reporting.


  • Update: We've made some changes to Research Central's Summary page by showing zeros when data isn't available, rather than just an empty space.
  • Bug Fix: We've removed the extra dash that was showing in the Research Central Summary's quick report.
  • Bug Fix: The Research Central Summary section was showing an error when a chart was empty. This is related to the previous bug.


  • Update: We've changed the word "authorize" to "connect" to make things more consistent and clear.
  • Update: We've converted quick reports in Research Central to look like Report Builder.
  • Update: We've added color and arrows to Report Builder's Google Analytics tables. Now it matches what you see in other parts of Raven.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, when you attempted to edit the AdWords Geo widget it removed the Locations columns. Or it was defaulting to a worldwide "All" view.
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics widgets weren't showing the New Section fields in Report Builder and the Dashboard.
  • Bug Fix: Research Central's Total Links line graph was showing on the horizontal axis MM/DD/YY rather than month.


  • Update: We've renamed Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console in a couple of places.
  • Bug Fix: Navigating from Dashboard to Report Builder didn't update the Settings button text. However, this has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics Top Tables weren't sorting by Session in Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: The Keyword: Competitors table in Report Builder wasn't loading. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, AdWords KPIs weren't properly displaying their save settings if you edited the widget a second time. It was resetting to the default.


  • Update: Google Analytics changed "All Sessions" to "All Users", so we've changed those labels in Raven. It was causing line graphs to have missing lines. However, this has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Majestic's line graphs in Research Central were lining up data on the vertical, rather than the horizontal format.
  • Bug Fix: In various sections of Raven currencies with large numbers weren't being shown correctly. We've made some changes and these numbers are now properly formatted.
  • Bug Fix:  In Report Builder, if you edited the Text Summary widget that contained HTML, Raven was stripping the content when you clicked the edit button.


  • Update: We've adjusted the color of the filter icons in tables and throughout Raven.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, if you tried to plot Google Analytics widgets as a pie chart, data wasn't displaying properly. However, it worked once you switched pie charts to tables. This issue has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: We've updated the Site Auditor admins and now the last crawled dates match.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, the Google Analytics Overview line chart was adding an extra data point when the data was plotted weekly.

February 2016


  • Update: We've removed references to steps in Report Wizard.
  • Update: We've removed all HTML and PDF watermarks from reports fro trial users.
  • Bug Fix: The Email Metrics Referrals wasn't properly displaying goals on published reports.
  • Bug Fix: If you set filters in Google Analytics > Contents > All Pages section of Google Analytics, tables weren't properly showing results in Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: Some of the styles and tags in the rich text editor in Report Builder weren't working in published reports. 
  • Bug Fix: The Import Template button in Report Builder was broken


  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder when you published a report, that included Google Analytics pie charts, the % on the pie chart was correct. However, when a report was exported to PDF, the % disappeared on smaller sections of the pie. 


  • Update: Different Facebook sections within Raven were still using Page Fans, which isn't terminology that Facebook uses any longer. We've removed the mentions of "Page Fans" to eliminate confusion.
  • Update: Site Auditor error messages are now color coded (previously red) This matches reports from Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: The Twitter Daily Traffic graph wasn't pulling data into Report Builder. 


  • Update: We've relabeled a couple of button in the Dashboard and Report Builder. The Add button is now Add Section. Report Builder's Import button is now Import Template. Additionally, we've made some changes to the introcard to guide users through Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: The Export Data button in Persona Manager wasn't properly exporting data. However, this issue has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: Events weren't showing in some areas of Raven when the option was selected.
  • Bug Fix: The Google AdWords section had lost its ability to overlay events on line charts. Possibly related to the bug above. 
  • Bug Fix: If you created a Custom Quality score in Research Central, the score wasn't being saved.
  • Bug Fix: When you export a report to PDF in Report Builder, the logo being displayed was loading as a spinner.


  • BugFix: We noticed some forms weren't hiding/showing fields, setting values and labels.
  • Bug Fix: In Site Auditor, any image that returned a HTTP status of anything other than 200 was considered broken.


  • Bug Fix: Social Referrals weren't properly pulling into Social Metrics.


  • Bug Fix: We discovered another sorting issue in the Data Import tables in Report Builder.


  • Update: You can now import AuthoriyLabs ranking data into reports. Our blog has more details. 


  • Update: We've renamed Facebook Visits to Sessions.
  • Update: We've replaced the table "filter" icon with an icon that better represents filtering.
  • Bug Fix: The Data Import tables in Report Builder weren't sorting properly. 


  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Goals widget in Report Builder had lost the option to choose Conversion Metrics.


  • Update: We've removed the "Coming Soon!" text from the Data Import widget in Report Builder because it was causing confusion. As more visualizations become available, we'll add them.
  • Bug Fix: The Facebook Page Posts table didn't have sortable columns. If you tried to add or edit a widget within that table, the Sort Column dropdown was empty. The Sort Column dropdown will now be hidden unless there are sortable columns to choose from.
  • Bug Fix: The Search Analytics Queries table in Report Builder had lost the ability to sort. 

January 2016


  • Bug Fix: Style changes in the Summary text widget weren't having an effect on published reports in Report Builder. 
  • Bug Fix: Search Analytics wasn't correctly calculating percentage changes. 


  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics' All Traffic line chart was showing No Data. The data would only be available after a refresh. Prior to that, you could only see the gear icon.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Adwords KPIs in Report Builder, and in the application, weren't filtering click types.


  • Update: We've changed the data picker in Rankings and Search Analytics to default to the last available date.


  • Bug Fix: Social Metrics Referrals weren't correctly filtering referrals from Google Analytics. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The Keyword Rankings tabled was showing the "e[0] is undefined" error. And it was shown when there were null values.


  • Update: We've added a preventive measure in Report Builder to help customers avoid deleting the wrong reports. Now, the delete report prompt included a report title, if one has been assigned. 
  • Update: Report Builder'sLink Manager table widget didn't have an option to display cost per link records. So we've added it!
  • Bug Fix: We've fixed the Top Referrals widget in Google Analytics. The All Referrals charts were sorting A>Z instead of Z>A. As a result, the referrals with the smallest amount were showing.
  • Bug Fix: We've fixed the encoded URL for custom quality score in Research Central.
  • Bug Fix: The Search Analytics Queries table in Report Builder lost the ability to sort. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: If you had custom subdomain and tried to delete a campaign, you were automatically logged out of your account. This issue was caused by an incorrect redirect. However, it has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: When you looked up a domain in Research Central, the site's expiration date was showing "Not Found.". And the Summary widget in Report Builder was showing Dec 31, 1969.


  • Update: We've changed the bottom axis of the graphs shown in the Summary and Backlinks section of Research Central. We're now showing the month rather than the MM/DD/Y.
  • Update: We've refactored the campaign delete confirmation modal by adding the name of the website in question. This should prevent customers from deleting the wrong campaign. 


  • Bug Fix: When you clicked on a keyword in Keyword Rankings, the system was displaying the "e[0] is undefined" error message. The error message was showing because the chart only included null values. This has been fixed.


  • Update: We've made a few improvements to our Dashboard and Reports. Now, the tables load more quickly.
  • Bug Fix: In Site Auditor, 10,000 pages wasn't showing as an option un the maximum number of pages to crawl drop down menu under Settings. Oops!
  • Bug Fix: When analyzing content using Scribe, an "Unable to retrieve Scribe metrics. Please try again later" error message was shown. However, this has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: Report Builder's Google AdWords Summary widget was missing the ability to choose specific campaigns. This has been added.


  • Bug Fix: If you added a Google Webmaster Tools Sitemaps and/or Crawl Issues tables to the Dashboard or to Report Builder, the widgets weren't showing. And if you added it to a blank report, the header appeared, but not the widget. This has been fixed.

December 2015


  • Bug Fix: When users clicked an individual keyword to get more information in Keyword Rankings, the high level stats were for the overall list of keywords, not the selected keyword. These has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: We've made some minor copy changes to an error message shown in Site Finder. 


  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor was showing a crawl in progress, but not completing the crawl. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: Report Builder wasn't allowing users to upload or remove a logo from reports. 
  • Bug Fix: The system wasn't recognizing https versions of sites when authorizing Google Webmaster Tools accounts. It kept reverting to the http version which didn't have any data. 


  • Bug Fix: The Email Metrics Referrals graphs wasn't saving goals on the graph. It also wasn't showing on published reports. This has been fixed. 


  • Update: We've made some changes to the copy on the Google Webmaster Tools introcard. 
  • Bug Fix: The Google AdWords Summary charts widget was showing "no options available." But the options were being displayed.
  • Bug Fix: Google Webmaster Tools's Top Searches table in Report Builder wasn't sorting correctly. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: The Visibility section of Site Auditor wasn't loading for some users. We've made some adjustments and the page is no longer having this issue.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Audience Geo Location table widgets in Report Builder weren't filtering data by state. This has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: Change indicators on some of Report Builders KPIs were being displayed outside the KPI section. 
  • Bug Fix: Search Analytics was showing incorrect Clicks and Impressions from the previous period. The full number was being truncated. 
  • Bug Fix: Line graphs in Report Builder weren't showing accurate dates in event tooltips for events that began before the start of a chart. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Users were receiving a "property X of undefined" error in Average Position charts. However, we've released a fix for this issue. 


  • Update: When there is no numeric data for a date, the value of that metric will be shown as "null" on line charts. If the value is 0, that is how it will be listed.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Goals widget was missing the option to choose conversion metrics. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: We discovered the custom service widgets (Text Summary, File Attachment, Data Import) in Report Builder weren't always showing. Originally, it was based upon the number of modules available to the users. And this determined when these widgets were shown. However, this is no longer the case. And custom service widgets will always be displayed.
  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with Report Builder's upload logo due to formatting. This issue has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Some users were seeing reports with stretched out KPIs and tables. The issue was related to the default height for most KPIs. But this has been fixed.  


  • Bug Fix: Reports with Search Analytics KPIs were losing data between Report Builder and published reports. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Search Analytics Avg Pos stat KPIs were calculated incorrectly. 
  • Bug Fix: The system was intermittently showing the display box when the rows in Site Performance were clicked. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Some users weren't able to retrieve GWT/Search Console data. However, they were receiving a "retrieving data" message. This was happening on and off, but it has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The AdWords Summary line chart wasn't allowing line options to be turned on or off in a chart. 


  • Bug Fix: The Bing Ads widget for Average CPC was showing two dashes in Report Builder. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Updated Search Analytics copy for clarification.


  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics Goals weren't showing the correct data for options 5 and up. This was because we were still recognizing Goal 5 as E-Commerce.


  • Update: We've added the ability to set a preferred protocol of HTTP/HTTPS when available in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Update: We've added "nonindex" meta tag and rel="nofollow" link property to the list of possible reasons why a site couldn't be crawled in the auditor alert widget. 
  • Update: We've added Search Analytics to Raven! Learn more here: Google Analytics Search Analytics Reporting Tool Now Available in Raven.
  • Update: We've replaced some of the "Tool Options" buttons with only one menu item, and we've relabeled them with the correct menu information. 
  • Bug Fix: The Overview: All Sessions line chart didn't have the ability to turn off certain line charts within the widget settings. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: If you didn't have access to the Dashboard and Bing Ads you were seeing both of these in the side bar navigation.
  • Bug Fix: The Reset button under Campaign Setting wasn't functioning properly. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: You were unable to filter "Total Conversion Value" by AdWords Campaign in Report Builder. 
  • Bug Fix: We've corrected the Swiss Franc currency code from SF to CHF.
  • Bug Fix: The Content table in Site Auditor was incorrectly listing blocked pages. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: There was an issue in Report Wizard that allowed you to remove the brand templates from a report. 


  • Update: Added CTR to Bing Ads. And this metric is reportable!
  • Bug Fix: Link Manager wasn't detecting anchor text, due to encoding issues. However, this has been fixed. 

November 2015


  • Bug Fix: In Report Wizard, some AdWords tables were missing a column. This was likely caused by a few metrics being relabeled. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: We discovered more issues with URLs not properly wrapping in the Link Manager module in Report Wizard. 
  • Bug Fix: We've added a CTR statbox metric to Bing Ads. Previously, it was only available in the table. 


  • Bug Fix: We are no longer receiving data from Google Webmaster Tools on crawl issues and related keywords, so we've removed all related reporting KPIs. 


  • Update: You can now set your desired Site Auditor crawl frequency! After the first automatic crawl, the default will be set to manual.
  • Update: In Google Webmaster Tools, when you filtered to a large date range, an error was shown. But the message wasn't clear. We've updated the generic error message to a more useful one: "Too Much Data Requested. Either the date requested is too broad or there are too many results to display. Try narrowing down the date range to view your data."
  • Update: We've added Impressions to Google AdWords video ads.
  • Update: Google AdWords's Cost Per Conversion (CPA) KPI wasn't offering additional reporting options from the widget itself, so we've added them.
  • Update: We've re-enabled Raven's API for trial users.
  • Bug Fix: We received a report of a Site Auditor crawl taking too long because the customer's robots.txt was stuck in an infinite loop. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: When you create a list of goals, an e-commerce option was added by Raven. However, Google Analytics doesn't offer this option in their goals list. We've removed e-commerce to eliminate confusion and to be consistent with Google Analytics. 
  • Bug Fix: The SEO: Link Manager reporting module wasn't wrapping URLs in Report Wizard. And this was causing the table to run off the page. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: We've fixed a bug that was preventing social account from showing in report modules. 


  • Update: We've removed Site Auditor's daily limits. Our blog has more details about this exciting update. "Raven's SEO Website Auditor Now Crawls Up to 10,000 Pages Per Site."
  • Update: We've increased the number of pages you can crawl from 1,000 to 10,000 for Site Auditor. Our blog has more details about this exciting update. "Raven's SEO Website Auditor Now Crawls Up to 10,000 Pages Per Site."
  • Update: We've made some CSS changes to Facebook's reporting widgets. Previously, the comparison numbers were overlapping the warning text. It looks much better now!
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics All Traffic line chart wasn't showing data in the Dashboard. You were forced to user a workaround by choosing the gear icon and selecting the widget settings again.
  • Bug Fix: Google Webmaster Tools' data was populating when it was authorized. However, the Rankings section was still prompting you to authorize Google Webmaster Tools. As a result, the Ranking reporting widgets weren't showing data.
  • Bug Fix: Deleting a custom chart from Google Analytics was triggering a growl messages that just said "true". This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: You were unable to show mobile / tablet / desktop traffic in charts in Google Analytics' reporting widgets. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The Moz statistics were showing a long string of decimals in Competitor Manager. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The Import Data option in CRM wasn't working. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Line graphs weren't displaying in Report Builder when the date format was set to MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Bug Fix: In Site Performance, the green checkmark was being shown for the lowest number for MozTrust. But it should have been applied to the highest number. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: When you navigated from the images to pages tables using the numeric link in Site Auditor, the pages table showed all the pages the image appeared on, instead of the pages missing alt text or title text. 


  • Bug Fix: Report Wizard AdWords Top Ads wasn't showing the conversion column. This has been fixed. 


  • Update: After authorizing Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Rankings was showing a message to let customer know data was being retrieved. However, when Bing was added, the Google data wasn't being shown. We've made some updates to make this process more clear. 
  • Bug Fix: There were some issues with Setup Wizard not validating URLs when they were entered. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The Google Adwords Summary module in Report Wizard was still showing the label "Conversion 1/Click" on the line chart. And the chart was blank. We've renamed the label to "Conversions."


  • Update: We've added "New Scheduled Crawl" date to Site Auditor's Settings section. And you can now choose when you want your site to be crawled. 
  • Bug Fix: The system was showing the message "an error occurred while processing your request" when you tried to access the Report History section in Report Wizard. 
  • Bug Fix: The Top Ads and Top Keywords modules in Report Wizard weren't properly sorting by Converted Click. However, this issue has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: The keyword column was missing from the Keyword Quality Google AdWords widgets in Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: Top Searches data wasn't populating. A "Retrieving Results" message was being shown for longer than usual. This issue has been resolved. 


  • Update: We've added video ads reporting to Google AdWords! Here's is how you can reports on this data and the available metrics: AdWords Video Ad Campaigns Arrive in Raven Reports.
  • Update: We've changed the Twitter label "Favorite" to "Like". Here's Twitter's original post: Hearts on Twitter
  • Update: You now have tie option to show dates on the cover page in Report Wizard.
  • Bug Fix: Emma email campaigns weren't pulling the latests campaigns. It was related to a pagination issue and has been resolved. 
  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with GWT account that had both versions of the site (www and non-www),  both authorized and verified. The dates were being cleared when switching between the wrong site and the correct one. 
  • Bug Fix: The Keyword column was missing for the Google AdWords tables in Report Builder. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Google AdWords video add reporting wasn't sorting properly.This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Site Performance was incorrectly showing several integrations as missing. 


  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor wasn't showing an error message when it was unable to crawl a site. The error message now appears. 
  • Bug Fix: All available Google AdWords account weren't being shown when you tried to connect Google AdWords using Centralized Authorization for an MCC account. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: We discovered the ROAS/ROI Google AdWords metrics weren't calculating correctly. However, this has been fixed.

October 2015


  • Bug Fix: Event markers in a line graphs weren't formatting properly in Report Builder if the date format was set to DD/MM/YY. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: In User Manager, the "Custom" toggle wasn't being displayed. And this made it hard to set up user roles and permissions. 


  • Update: We've simplified the process of adding a Slack Webhook to Raven by adding a Slack button. 


  • Update: We've released new quick reports for Tag Manager, Event Manager, and Competitor Manager. Now you can generate quick reports in HTML or PDF format, just like Report Builder. 
  • Bug Fix: CSVs that contained special characters were generating an error message when imported using the Data Import tool. 


  • Bug Fix: When a domain has been requested, but doesn't exist in the user's GWT account, it wasn't clear to the user. We've added a modal that includes information about the domain that you are trying to connect and the selected account. 


  • Update: We've made Site Auditor's "Run Crawl" button always visible, even if a site has been set to crawl automatically. 
  • Bug Fix: The Domain: Total Links graph in Research Central was showing the correct data on the bottom axis. Previously, when you were comparing multiple years and had 12 months on the lower axis it showed the lowest year.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics KPIs in Report Builder were experiencing issues with the primary dimension defaults. This issue has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Some users with beta access to Bing Ads were having issues authorizing their accounts.


  • Bug Fix: The Search function table wasn't working properly.When you entered a term into the search box, the results weren't filtering. 


  • Bug Fix: Users were seeing a 200 error if they attempted to schedule or post to Facebook. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: The individual profile roles' toggle buttons in Role Manager weren't functioning properly. "Customize" wasn't showing as an option.
  • Bug Fix: The line graph for Average Rank in Report Builder was showing 0 at the top of the y-axis. But 0 was also shown at the bottom of the Rankings section. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Report Wizard was not showing the Facebook posts table. However, this issue has been fixed.


  • Update: Added "minimum page title length" and "maximum page title length" settings under the Settings page in Site Auditor. Both of these can now be adjusted.
  • Update: We've added an email metrics referral graph for the reporting in Report Builder.
  • Update: We've added the competitor selector to the Competitor Manager KPIs in Report Builder. Previously, you could not select competitor data.
  • Update: We've made our Google Analytics authorization alert more consistent. Some users were missing this notification and it was confusing.
  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with Link Manager's "New Only" filter in Report Builder. The start/end dates weren't filtering properly. This has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: In Report Wizard, the Link Manager module was not wrapping long URLs. Because of this bug, tables were cut off in PDF reports. 
  • Bug Fix: Quick reports in Desktop Page Speed or Mobile Speed in Site Auditor were generating blank PDF reports. It was also affecting Report Wizard. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, if you tried to edit the Social Landing pages widget to sort Sessions in descending order, a "No results found" error message was shown. This also occurred if you moved the widget to a different section within the report. 


  • Bug Fix: Ranking table in Report Builder were not correlating with saved filter sets. This has been fixed.


  • Update: We've changed "Manage" to "Track" in the AdWords introduction message. 


  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, if PDF annotations were turned on, you added a bar chart to the PDF report, and changed the date formatting to non-US, dates would be reversed.


  • Update: Google AdWords CPA has been renamed to Cost per Conversion One per Click.
  • Bug Fix: Modals in the Dashboard and Report Builder were quitting when opened. This also occurred when editing a time or date range. However, this issue has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: We've adjusted the keywords limit being retrieved from Search Analytics. 
  • Bug Fix: Some users were having issues authorizing blogs in Raven, so we've made changes to Blog Manager. 


  • Bug Fix: Existing GWT account holders were not able to authenticate a new domain. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: If you clicked a cell with a tag, the link was activated when you tried to remove it. However, this issue has been fixed.


September 2015


  • Update: We've made some minor changes to the Google Webmaster Tools update page. This change highlights "Authorized" Google Accounts and keeps them in the table. 
  • Bug Fix: The associated websites list in Google Webmaster Tools was getting too long and causing some issue. The changes we've made will help avoid further problems. 
  • Bug Fix: We've made change change to the Google Webmaster Tools re-authorization process to avoid confusion.


  • Update: We've added the legacy dashboard back into the application due to unforeseen issues. 


  • Update: We've made several improvement to the LinkedIn company metrics. Also, we've fixed the referrals line chart and table in the LinkedIn section of Report Builder. 
  • Update: Last week, we released an update that adjusted the title length warning limits in the Meta section of Site Auditor. Due to several issues, we've changed this release back to its original 70 character limit. 
  • Update: We've removed the legacy dashboard from the application
  • Bug Fix: Google Webmaster Tools' verify domain ownership modal was taking a few minuted to load. However, this issue has been fixed. 


  • Update: We've added a shortener for the links to reports we send out.
  • Update: We've adjusted the title length warning limits in the meta section of Site Auditor.
  • Update: Some change were made to Google Webmaster Tools' authorization process. Unnecessary elements were removed.
  • Bug Fix: Favicons were not appearing in browser tabs. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The word "previous" was being displayed twice in the KPI preview. We removed one of the instances. 


  • Update: We've updated tables by adding a border. Before this addition, our tables included a strange empty bar.


  • Update: We've added a warning message to the Google Webmaster Tools Top Searches section. This message warns users who have authorized an account and attempted to retrieve data, but no information was returned. 
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor PDF reports have been showing the current date, rather than the date when the site was last crawled. These reports now show the correct information.
  • Bug Fix: In the Content section of Site Auditor, if you tried to filter the table to show links that did not contain alt text or anchor text, the table only showed the pages the link appeared on. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The Keyword Quality reports created from the Google AdWords section have been limited to 1,000 results.
  • Bug Fix: We've removed commas from Google Webmaster Tools' Average Position values. This has helped clarify when Average Position is in the thousands. 


  • Update: Search Query Performance table's Campaign and Add Group sections now have links to their relevant pages within metrics.
  • Update: We've labeled LinkedIn KPIs with period of time.
  • Update: Table cells and rows are now clickable!
  • Update: The KPI "previous" label now has a more uniform look throughout Report Builder. 
  • Bug Fix: We've edited a few KPI indicators, mainly in Google Analytics, to display the correct change indicator color and arrow.
  • Bug Fix: Users were having issues authenticating new Google accounts, so we've removed the option to remove certain scopes.
  • Bug Fix: When you clicked on the Save Shortcut button in Research Central, the Tool Options button disappeared until the page was refreshed. 
  • Bug Fix: We've changed the format of the Top Searches domain by making Google Webmaster Tools the preferred domain. 


  • Update: The default Y-axis in our charts now have a minimum value of 0.
  • Bug Fix: KPI comparison arrows and coloring were reversing. This was fixed by representing value with numbers. 


  • Update: Some users were not being properly notified when YouTube accounts had expired or had been revoked. We've added a message to make this more clear.
  • Bug Fix: Extra arrows showing sorting options were removed from Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: Reports scheduled or emailed directly from Raven were displaying incorrectly in GMail. The text was misaligned in the center of the report.
  • Bug Fix: PDF reports with tables generated from Report Builder were cutting the data off at ten.
  • Bug Fix: Users couldn't ask for Textbroker article revisions after three days. Now it can be done by providing a reason for the rewrite.
  • Bug Fix: Some users with beta access to Bing Ads weren't seeing this options in Report Builder. This issue has been fixed. 


  • Bug Fix: The error message "Cannot read property 'x' of undefined" was appearing in Report Builder when a line in a graph was deselected.
  • Bug Fix: The table in Competitor Manager was not showing campaign data, but was still showing competitor data.The grey bar at the top of the Competitor Manager was missing. This was also occurring in Report Builder. However, this issue has been resolved. 


  • Update: Facebook's API limits reporting to a 90-day period. As a reminder, we've added a message to the widget names and add module form. 


  • Update: We've added a redirect URL to the Visibility table KPI in Report Builder.
  • Update: We've reorganized the grouping of LinkedIn KPIs based on the date of the data sets.
  • Bug Fix: PDF reports containing bar charts from Report Builder had bars stacking on top of each other making the PDF annotations difficult to read. Also, the "X" axis wasn't labeled. These have been fixed. 


  • Update: Users can now submit feature requests from Raven to our public portal. This includes voting and commenting on existing request. To get to the portal from Raven, click the Help icon and choose Request New Features.
  • Bug Fix: Some Twitter accounts had to be reauthorized on a weekly basis. This issue has been fixed!
  • Bug Fix: Account cancellation emails were showing HTML code at the bottom. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: An "Unknown Error" message appeared when users tried to edit a custom quality score in Research Central. 


  • Bug Fix: Google Webmaster Tools was incorrectly showing larger percentage changes by cutting off the "thousands" comma. This issue has been fixed.


August 2015


  • Update: Crawl comparison data is only available in the Crawl Comparison section of Site Auditor, so we've removed the Baseline Comparison Crawl from the Customize Settings option. Hopefully this gets rid of confusion!
  • Update: The "Learn More" information in Site Auditor can be more easily accessed by clicking anywhere in the paragraph, checkmark, or header.
  • Bug Fix: The Rankings graph in Report Builder was not showing comparison data on Avg Position, Clicks, or Impressions. This has been added.
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics referral data was not pulling into Constant Contact email metrics campaigns.  


  • Bug Fix: Users were seeing full page gaps in PDF reports. This has been fixed by adjusting the Google AdWords Image Ad Preview.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics All Referral widget in Report Builder wasn't showing data. Users were changing the Advanced Segments to Referral Traffic to get around this issue, but it's been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: You weren't able to edit the name of the Data Import widget in Report Builder. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: PDF reports weren't properly filtering Google Analytics data. This has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: The AdWords Performance Click Types and Performance Ad Slots tables in the tables columns section, in widget edit more, weren't responding. This has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The Add your Campaign option in the Campaign drop-down menu wasn't properly directly you to campaigns with data.


  • Bug Fix: PDF reports with Google AdWords ads tables were cut off at the bottom of the page. 


  • Update: Added "" to the TLD list.
  • Bug Fix: When using Google Analytics monthly graphs in Report Builder, an extra date with no data was being added.
  • Bug Fix: KPI widgets weren't staying in position in PDFs.
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics widgets weren't defaulting to All Sessions for Advanced Segments when being added to a report.
  • Bug Fix: The option to select http/https for a domain in Google Webmaster Tools wasn't working. It's fixed now!


  • Update: Users can now click section name and section date range to edit those fields in Report Builder. Previously, this could only be done by clicking the gear icon.
  • Bug Fix: Arrows were incorrectly reflecting changes in several sections of Report Builder. This was happening when a previous value was 0. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, PDF annotations were turned on for all graphs-, but weren't showing on the PDF.
  • Bug Fix: Users were having trouble authorizing a new Google Webmaster Tools account. After completing the steps and authorization, users were returned to the starting page. 


  • Update: We've added comparison data to all Facebook line and bar charts. This is within the app and Report Builder.
  • Update: Widget columns ad rows weren't aligning properly for AdWords in Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: The filtering option wasn't working when attempting to generate a ranking reports based on a tag. 
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor's Meta and Content tables were incorrectly showing Pages Blocked by NoIndex. This status is now only shown in the Visibility table. 


  • Update: We have added the redirect URL from Site Auditor's Visibility section for PDF reports.
  • Update: Google Webmaster Tools' introduction card is now more helpful by explaining the data this tool provides.


  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics All Traffic: Revenue KPI wasn't showing comparison data. This has been fixed.


  • Update: We've released centralized authentication! All third-party data sources now connect in a single modal.
  • Update: The Event Manager widget message wasn't clear. It has been changed to "Want to see this? Add Events in this date range", and it appears when a user hasn't set up any events.


  • Update: Added custom charts as an option in the Google Analytics section Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: There red and green colors in Site Auditor's Summary sections representing negative and positive changes weren't displaying correctly. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: The logic of the arrows in Site Auditor's KPI weren't displaying correctly. They now accurately reflect positive or negative changes.


  • Bug Fix: A few users were unable to switch between simple and advanced navigation. This has been resolved. 

July 2015


  • Update: We've added the Data Import widget in Report Builder. You can now import external data for your reports! For more information: How do I import external data into my report?
  • Update: We've added BCC to the Email Settings section of Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: The KPI widgets in Google Analytics' overview section weren't showing the section comparison date range. 
  • Bug Fix: Report Builder's Ranking table wasn't showing data;it was shown in Keyword Manager's table.
  • Bug Fix: The Audience Browser OS table in Google Analytics wasn't showing Browser or OS information. 


  • Update: The trial message has been moved to the top bar and with smaller text to make it less intrusive.
  • Bug Fix: In Link Manager, adding a task to a link wasn't working. Users were receiving the error message "task sanitize fail."


  • Update: Added Target URL to the Backlinks section of Research Central.
  • Bug Fix: There was a discrepancy in Site Auditor between the number of pages crawled and the number of page crawled today. The data for both of these is now being pulled from the same table.
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor was reporting word count as "NaN" in the Content section.
  • Bug Fix: Received a reports of a site crawl being stuck at "Start Crawl" and the user received "An Unknown Error Has Occurred" notification. Site Auditor was stopping after 60 seconds, and this has been corrected.
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor's content table was reporting internal / external link count of every page as 1. The internal and external links were being counted twice. 
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics' columns of links weren't able to sort alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. 



  • Bug Fix: The Raven Tools logo at the bottom left corner of the page was linking to a 500 error rather than our main dashboard.
  • Bug Fix: Mailchimp's mailing list menu was cut off at 20 rather than displaying the total amount of campaigns. This was causing incomplete reports. 


  • Update: We've made some improvements to the backend of Site Performance! These changes should help the page load faster. 
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics was not reporting homepage traffic.
  • Bug Fix: The campaigns dropdown menu was not properly alphabetized.
  • Bug Fix: Events were not showing in the AdWords Summary Line Chart in Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: A blank screen was displayed when you tried to view an individual message in the notification section.


  • Update: Added weekly, monthly  and annually plotting to the Ranking's line chart in Report Builder.
  • Bug Fix: Users with customized profiles access were not seeing any campaigns.


  • Bug Fix: Our system was showing Google tokens to restricted sub-users rather than Profile/Campaign specific tokens in Google AdWords.


  • Update: Switching between campaigns and profiles no longer refreshes the page - it's noticeably faster!


  • Bug Fix: The first column of Google AdWords, Search Query, was not showing the Paid/Insights section.
  • Bug Fix: In Profile Manager, profiles were being switched when two campaign tables had the same domain.


  • Update: We removed the Click Type filter from the single KPIs in AdWords because you could not have a single KPI with the filter applied.


  • Update: Remove the "Recommendations" LinkedIn stats from the profile sidebar.


  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, the Ga Bounce Rate and Avg. Order Value KPIs weren't rounding off the values. Consequently, a long decimal string was displaying.
  • Bug Fix: Some of the GA charts weren't automatically refreshing upon setting a date range You had yo manually refresh the browser before changes appeared.

June 2015


  • Bug Fix: If you added an HTML table to the Summary section of Report Builder, grey lines were showing to the left and right of the text once you generated a PDF.


  • Update: Added target URL to the Backlink Explorer details table, which also display on reports.
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor, Keyword Manager, and Competitor Manager quick reports and CSV exports were failing to complete.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, the Google Analytics and Google AdWords KPI we showing "an error occurred" message. 


  • Update: Added Site Auditor Crawl Comparison KPI. You can now choose between a Baseline and a Comparison Crawl from the dropdown menu.


  • Bug Fix: The Backlinks section of Research Central was taking forever to load data We made some improvement to provide a more reliable loading time. 


  • Update: Added Research Central comparison KPIs. Many of the tools will now show two KPIs available in Dashboard and Report Builder. One will show the value of the search, i.e., -the basic KPI. The compare stat KPI will show the value of the comparison search. 
  • Update: Updated the Open Calais API to support new changes.
  • Update: We released some updates to the links section of Site Auditor last week where we ungrouped the links table. Unfortunately, because the extra data caused the table to grow too large, we had to reverse the update.


  • Update: New users used to receive two messages in the Notifications section once they signed up for an account. One included general information and how to contact support. And the other one was related to sending messages, which is a functionality that no longer exists in Raven. We removed these two messages. 
  • Bug Fix: The Dimension Key in Google Adwords section of Report Builder wasn't altering the statistics for the Performance Network widget.
  • Bug Fix: The link on the Site Auditor email notification was broken.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder you were unable to delete reports in bulk or individually. 


  • Bug Fix: We fixed several quick reports as the system wasn't applying comparison date range properly. 


  • Update: In the Links section of Site Auditor when there was an image link and a text link to the same URL, and one of them had a text but the other one did not, it was flagged as not having text due to the grouping in the links table. We ungrouped the links table and the system now shows all links on the site, - and the pages that link to.
  • Update: Added "Last 30 days" as an option under the scheduling section of Report Builder. 
  • Bug Fix: When a customer share a YouTube account with all campaigns and profiles, a duplicate link was showing in the account dropdown menu. 


  • Update: We upgraded Twitter shortener to be able to handle more complex URLs.
  • Bug Fix: YouTube authorization process wasn't able to be completed. After following the prompts, you were always taken to the initial authorization screen.
  • Bug Fix: If you attempted to make any changes to information in Persona Manager the updates weren't processed, and an error was displayed "There was a problem updating that Persona website".
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder the Google Analytics event overlays weren't respecting the widget/KPI settings.


  • Update: Added "" to our TLD list since users weren't able to pull Research Central data that contained this TLD.
  • Update: In Report Builder, we removed default date ranges for the WordPress widget, since they are not being used currently. 
  • Bug Fix: Once you created a Twitter list in Raven, there wasn't a way to add people to that list.
  • Bug Fix: The Keyword Rankings graph was adding an extra day to the date range.
  • Bug Fix: If you tried to import a CSV to CRM you got stuck on the "mapping" page. When you opened a new tab and navigated to CRM, all contacts were successfully imported.
  • Bug Fix: Line charts in Report Builder weren't showing comparison options in the widget settings. The only way to see a comparison line was by clicking the gray box on the legend. 


  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, the line charts didn't show comparison options in the widgets when they were supposed to be showing. 
  • Bug Fix: Found an instance where a campaign report couldn't be downloaded from HTML. A 404 error was displaying instead.


  • Update: We added Google Analytics Channels as the default primary dimension to all traffic.
  • Update: We added a new Twitter KPI to match Report Wizard. These are the list of KPIs that have been added: Posts, Replies, Reply Reach Retweets, Follower/Following Ratio, Mentions (Pie Chart) and Engagement (Bar Chart).
  • Bug Fix: In Report Builder, the retargeting add table wasn't displaying add when the files were SWF.


  • Bug Fix: Site Performance was detecting malware on any website. 


  • Bug Fix: Site Performance Load Time widget in Report Builder, the percent change indicator was incorrect, it had an inverted color.
  • Bug Fix: Highlighted data in the Text Summary section of the Report Builder was showing in the unpublished and published HTML version of the report, but not in the PDF version.
  • Bug Fix: The statboxes in the Google AdWords reporting module in Report Wizard weren't adding commas to mark the thousands separator.
  • Bug Fix: On the Summary section of Report Builder, the HTML editor was displaying h3 text larger than the h2 text.


  • Update: We added the ability to turn on/off metrics on bar charts.
  • Update: Many of Site Auditor KPIs show filtered types of site issues, but we weren't showing tables of data for filtered types of site issues. We added the option to select that "table" as the widget type.
  • Bug Fix: Google Adwords statboxes in Report Wizard weren't responding to the selection you set. The system always displayed all 14, no matter what you selected. 
  • Bug Fix: If you weren't able to select an AdWords account in Raven, I was probably due to the fact that the name field was blank,  but the company name was populated. So we improved the account selector to prevent this from happening and provide more information which account you are selecting. 


  • Update: Removed the "Inbox" functionality on the messaging section, and called it "Notifications." Removed the contextual capability as well. 


May 2015

MAY 28

  • Bug Fix: After reauthorizing your Google Webmaster Tools account, you were unable to pull in Top Searches data.
  • Bug Fix: When attempting to authorize your Google Webmaster Tools, an error message displayed.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports, some of the Google Analytics charts weren't reflecting table data.
  • Bug Fix: In Legacy Reports, the set of metrics that normally show in between the graphs and the table were missing in the Google AdWords modules.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics widgets were only returning one Dimension Key result. We made it so it returns more than one result.

MAY 27

  • Update: Added the "Conversion/many-per-click" KPI to the Google AdWords Summary.
  • Update: Removed Basecamp Classic from Raven.
  • Bug Fix: AWeber wasn't pulling any metrics.

MAY 26

  • Update: We moved Report Builder to the top spot on the navigation section.
  • Bug Fix: We found instances of Site Auditor not crawling sites and displaying a 404 error.

MAY 20

  • Bug Fix: While viewing the Meta section of the Site Auditor Summary Page, if you clicked on to see the number of pages that had duplicate titles, you were taken to a page that didn't load. 
  • Bug Fix: In the CRM, we were requiring all contacts to add a company name. We made it so that the company name us only required when the contact type is set to Business. 
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports, if you scheduled a weekly report to be delivered each Monday, the report included an extra week's worth of data.

MAY 19

  • Bug Fix: The Google AdWords graph in Legacy Reports was pulling in dates incorrectly as 1969.

MAY 18

  • Bug Fix: The Keyword Rankings tool wasn't loading in some instances. This isn't the case anymore. 
  • Bug Fix: The AdWords Performance modules in Report Wizard, specifically the Networks Ad Slots table, didn't have data labels.
  • Bug Fix: The Backlink section of Research Central wasn't displaying backlink data.

MAY 14

  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with the links section in the Site Auditor email not applying filter correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Site Performance wasn’t identifying redirects, robots.txt or load time.
  • Bug Fix: GA:Social Overview line charts widgets were missing Previous options.
  • Bug Fix: On a published report in Dashboard and Reports, you had no option to re-publish the reports, if you removed the logo. The published report showed a spinner in place of the logo as a result.

MAY 13

  • Bug Fix: Adjusted Google AdWords Text Ad Preview formatting in Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: When you attempted to create a Twitter list, an error message displayed “Error updating List. Please try again later”, and the list didn’t save.

MAY 12

  • Update: Removed Social Monitor from Raven.
  • Bug Fix: ROAS AdWords widget wasn’t showing the correct color arrow when there was a percentage change calculation that involved negative numbers.
  • Bug Fix: If you sorted the Keyword Rankings table by ascending Google Avg Pos, the top results were “- – ” rather than 1.0.
  • Bug Fix: The Rankings window was running on an endless refresh loop.

MAY 11

  • Update: Added Raven status indicator in the Help dropdown menu.
  • Bug Fix: When adding KPIs to a report the spacing and positioning were off in some instances.
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor widgets in Dashboard and Reports weren’t being populated with data, in some cases. Instead, the widgets were greyed out and you were asked to connect Site Auditor.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports, when you attempted to click the Export PDF button, you were taken to a blank page.


  • Bug Fix: If you clicked the calendar icon in a section within Report Builder, then attempted to change the date range of that section, clicking the Save button sent you to a 404 page.
  • Bug Fix: In Report wizard when you generated a report that included a module with a large number of events, the event weren’t sorting chronologically.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports when you generate a report that included YouTube, the duration times were displayed as hh:mm rather than mm:ss.
  • Bug Fix: When you navigates to Google AdWords > Insights > Keyword Quality data wasn’t being displayed.


  • Update: On the Images section of Site Auditor we added a Filename column which allows you to click on the image and open it in a new tab.
  • Update: Added styling to the Design Analyzer Report KPI in Dashboard and Reports.


  • Update: Research Central’s Design Analyzer can now be added to a report not only as a KPI score but also as a full breakdown. The widget is called “Design Analyzer Report”.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics line options weren’t updating when you changed advanced segments.


  • Update: Added the URL column to the Page table in Research Central. Renamed the “Title/URL” column to “Title/Path”.
  • Bug Fix: There was an issue with Google AdWords Geo module showing blank cells in the application as well as Report Wizard.
  • Bug Fix: Site Performance and Site Auditor weren’t forcing a fresh snapshot of Page Speed if one hadn’t been recently generated.
  • Bug Fix: Brand Templates weren’t being applied correctly in Report Wizard. The logo was appearing on the cover page but not the section headings.
  • Bug Fix: When attempting to display a Google Analytics line graph that expanded to a year, we weren’t displaying the label for the first points and the last point was getting truncated.
  • Bug Fix: Blog wasn’t connecting in the WordPress section of Raven due to a server setting. This is no longer an issue.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports the “Published Changes” button wasn’t saving widget positions.

April 2015


  • Update: In the AdWords section of Dashboard and Reports we added a new table widget called “Geo”. It allows you to filter by Country and/or Region. And you can filter by Region without a Country.
  • Update: Released new notifications for quick reports and Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: Safari and Firefox weren’t showing any available dates in the Site Performance widgets on Dashboard and Reports, as well as Report Wizard.
  • Bug Fix: In YouTube when you clicked on a video to view individual metrics and toggled to “Activity” with All Events selected, then switched to “No Events”, the view changed and reverted back to “Views” but still highlighted the “Activity” option.
  • Bug Fix: When a profile was set to default, but didn’t contain a campaign, you were getting stuck in a Setup Wizard loop.


  • Update: We added the question mark “?” back to our Help menu.


  • Bug Fix: In some instances the Ranking tool wasn’t loading and displayed a 504 timeout error.
  • Bug Fix: When viewing published report on IE, logos displayed stretched out. IE doesn’t know how to resize images proportionally.
  • Bug Fix: In Tag Manager, the secondary navigation didn’t stay highlighted when you were in that subsection. It does now.


  • Update: Implemented Google Page Speed to replace YSlow in Site Auditor. You can now see “Desktop Page Speed” as well as “Mobile Page Speed”. All this data is reportable.
  • Update: If you navigate to Social > Twitter and select Manage Accounts, you will see a column showing the date when you connected your Twitter account to Raven.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter metrics in the PDF charts were showing a larger number than the stats below it.
  • Bug Fix: Data in the AdWords section of Research Central wasn’t changing when setting country to “All”.


  • Update: Account owners and/or admins can now explicitly give sub-users access to the new reports.
  • Update: Google AdWords KPIs were missing line charts so we added them.
  • Bug Fix: The Messages tool was timing out due to the large number of messages.
  • Bug Fix: Scheduled Facebook posts were still being sent out after that account had been cancelled.
  • Bug Fix: When viewing a report in HTML format and you started clicking on the navigation to the left of the page, the page scrolled up and the report title was hiding under the logo bar.


  • Bug Fix: The Facebook Referrals graph was not matching with the data shown on the Visits KPI. And the LinkedIn Company: Referral Visits widgets wasn’t showing the correct number. This was due to a wrong Google Analytics filter.
  • Bug Fix: The modal that shows up when authenticating Facebook was displaying an extra option that contained the words “[Object, object]. {Object, object]’. This issue was corrected.


  • Bug Fix: If you sort the Keywords Rankings table by ascending Google Avg. Pos. the top results showed “–” instead of 1.0.


  • Update: Made a small adjustment to pie charts in Dashboard and Reports because they were off by a little bit.
  • Bug Fix: In SEO > Rankings if you only had authorized Google Webmaster Tools or Big Webmaster Tools a message “Want even more out of Keyword Rankings?” was displayed. But when you changed the date range that message duplicated on the page loaded with the new date range.
  • Bug Fix: Dashboard and Reports weren’t displaying event overlays on line graphs.


  • Bug Fix: Keyword Manager data was taking longer than expected to be pulled into  Dashboard and Reports. This was due to a caching issue on our end, but it has been corrected.
  • Bug Fix: We restored the Dimension key dropdown menu functionality in Google Analytics KPIs. for some reason the menu disappeared.
  • Bug Fix: The previous Avg Position and Previous Average Position Trendline weren’t showing in the Avg Positions charts because there wasn’t any data for comparison. We made it so the system will now check the chart data and only display those options if there are previous values.
  • Bug Fix: In IE any KPIs that had an up and down arrows weren’t being displayed.
  • Bug Fix: On the Google Webmaster Tools Top Searches widget the percentage change over time wasn’t color coded, though the red and green arrows were supposed to be displayed.
  • Bug Fix: The page loader indicator was lingering when changes to a link in Link Manager were being made.


  • Update: When authorizing Google accounts we noticed that users frequently un-ticked checkboxes without realizing. This becomes an issue when re-authorizing an account that previously was granted access, because you can disconnect other services.
  • Bug Fix: When adding the YouTube Video module to Report Wizard the select field of videos was blank and an error message was displayed.
  • Bug Fix: When you edited a report the white space beneath each table expanded leaving a large white space.



  • Update: Added comparison date support to Site Performance KPIs. There is a Comparison Data dropdown menu in the add widget form, though it's only available when a competitor isn't selected.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports when you hovered over a line chart, a yellow popup appeared behind the table that contained that chart.
  • Bug Fix: The Backlink line graph in Research Central was showing all zeros.
  • Bug Fix: The Google KPI All Sessions > New Users in Dashboard and Reports was defaulting to Sessions instead of New Users, causing the two KPIs to show an identical number in reports.
  • Bug Fix: There were formatting issues with the bulleted list options in the Text Summary and Content Manager widgets in Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: We found sorting issues with the Rankings, Keyword Manager and AdWords tables in Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Wizard, when you generated a PDF report, Adobe Acrobat was creating a bookmark for each paragraph rather than each page. This made it difficult to navigate through a report.
  • Bug Fix: Some users were seeing a 500 internal Error status being displayed when accessing the Google Webmaster Tools section of Raven.
  • Update: Added role and profile options to the sub-user modal to make the process of adding a new user a little easier.
  • Update: Added Site Auditor's Page Speed table to Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: The Summary section of Site Auditor was showing zeros for all the sections, even though each individual section was showing a list of errors. This isn't the case anymore.
  • Bug Fix: If you added a File Attachment widget to your report, and attempted to edit that widget, AND added a new section to move that widget into, an error message was displayed. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Trendlines weren’t properly displaying on line graphs in Dashboard and Reports. This isn’t the case anymore.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Social Conversions table was only showing one column in Dashboard and Reports. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The chart in the Social: Twitter module in Report Wizard was showing random additional colors on the bars which weren’t mentioned in the legend. This issue has been resolved.

March 2015

  • Bug Fix: On the Summary section of Research Central if you hover over the Majestic line graph, the date didn’t match on what appeared on the X axis. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports the comparison date ranges were not being recorded properly on the reports, mainly when using interval date sets. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: When generating a quick report from any section in Raven the PDF  ignored the date ranges selected. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The YouTube data showing on the reporting widgets was not matching what the application was showing. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The Sorting Column filter option on the Backlinks table widget wasn't available in Dashboard and Reports. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: A down arrow text placeholder was being displayed on the Site Performance modules in Report Wizard. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Dashboard an Reports weren't displaying event overlays on line graphs. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Found additional issues with the keyword length on SEO Metrics: Site Engagement module in Report Wizard. The issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The Domain Created, Domain Expire and Last Updated metrics under the Statistics section of Website Directory were showing Site Auditor as the source. Since this wasn't correct we updated it to show the true source which is Quality Analyzer.
  • Bug Fix: LinkedIn Company pages failed to post and returned a "submitted-image-URL cannot be empty" error. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The Adv Comp columns in Keyword Manager's table widget was making it so the table was falling off the right edge of the page when the report was exported to PDF. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In the Competitors section of Research Central the Domain Authority column wasn't sorting properly. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: When Site Auditor Total Issues bar chart in Dashboard and Reports was added, it displayed properly in the report builder and the published report. But when you exported it into a PDF it didn't display properly.
  • Update: Released new YouTube analytics.
  • Update: Site Auditor KPIs can now show comparison data in Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: When the sidebar links on a published report in Dashboard and Reports were clicked, you weren't taken to that section, like it was supposed to. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: There were issues with the SVG logo in Dashboard and Reports. It was causing the PDF to hang out and consequently fail. This issue has been resolved.
  • Update: Whenever a Google Webmaster Tools site has lost access to allow access you needed to reauthorize the account. Because it was causing a lot of confusion we added a reauthorization warning message.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports there were shading issues on some of the fixed columns on table widgets. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The keyword columns in SEO Metrics: Site Engagement module in Report Wizard was breaking out the table and flooding to the following page. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The Google AdWords quick reports were still showing "Powered by Raven" as a footer message. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Facebook stats weren't showing in reports generated through Report Wizard. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Another related issue with Google Webmaster Tools not recognizing the domain because the domain name had trailing Unicode whitespace characters. This issue has been resolved.
  • Update: Link Manager now refers to Google Analytics import links as Referrals instead of organic.
  • Update: The Link Referrals Table Domain column in the Link Referral section of SEO Metrics is now Referral.
  • Update: The Referral column in the Link Referral section of SEO Metrics now shows the referral path from Google Analytics.
  • Update: The Links column in the Link Referral section of SEO Metrics has been renamed to Total Links from Domain.
  • Update: The Canonical URL column has been added as a default view in the Site Auditor Content table. You can able the column and disable it from the table.
  • Bug Fix: The interaction component with the sidebar section of Dashboard and Reports was broken. There was no ability to drag that section in any position. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The Impressions column in the AdWords KPI in Dashboard and Reports wasn't sorting properly. It was also affecting the Google Webmaster Tools Top Search tables. This issue has been resolved.
  • Update: In the Site Auditor we adjusted the image reporting issues so it only reports on the total number of images, and ignored the number of pages those images appear on until you go to Site Auditor to drill down into the data. If you have the same broken image on 5 pages, it won't report 5 errors - it will only report 1 error. But it will still let you see which pages it was on.
  • Bug Fix: When adding bullet points and line breaks on any editor in within Raven, the bullet points and line breaks disappeared once you saved the text. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Removed the double "Add Event" button in Email Metrics.
  • Update: Read-only users now have access to published reports in Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: An issue where the domain included whitespace characters, logically the system prevented you from connecting the domain to Google Webmaster Tools. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports, the LinkedIn Company chart widgets were off but a month. The charts should now reflect the exact date range you selected.
  • Bug Fix: When adding a Google Analytics chart widget to Dashboard and Reports and selected to plot the data monthly, the system added an extra month at the end. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Reports in Dashboard and Reports weren't loading after having been published. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix:  On the email notifications you receive when a Site Auditor report is completed, the link to adjust the notification setting was incorrect. This issue has been resolved.
  • Update: Removed Top Social Conversions and Top Social Landing pages from the list of Google Analytics KPIs. They were removed because they were redundant and irrelevant to the list.
  • Bug Fix: The start and end dates on Facebook line graphs and bar charts KPIs, for already collected data, were off by a day The dates are no longer off. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Table widgets, especially Google Webmaster Tools and Rankings, weren't loading in Dashboard and Reports which was causing the browser to lock. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In the SEO section the keyword ranking table wasn't loading. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports resizing issues were causing widgets to be misplaced. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The Active links filter on the Links table widget in Dashboard and Reports wasn't being applied correctly. This is working as expected now.
  • Bug Fix: More height has been added to the Research Central Statistics section title due to copy being cropped at the baseline.
  • Bug Fix: The Content Manager table widget in Dashboard and Reports wasn't sorting the date columns appropriately. We fixed the sorting issue and added time support.
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Page Fans chart was showing "undefined is not an object" error in Safari. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In Site Performance., where the international second level TLDs, such as, weren't being checked correctly. Instead, it was returning results for "'. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Competitor Manager WHOIS dates were formatted incorrectly in Dashboard and Reports. This issue has been solved.
  • Update: When clicking the headed of a table widget on the new Dashboard the system will now take you to the section that corresponds to that KPI time.
  • Update: Added canonical support to the duplicate content, page title, and meta description checks in Site Auditor.
  • Update: Added a Quality Report filter to the Domain: Quality Analyzer Score KPI in Dashboard and Reports. This allows you to report on custom Quality Scores.
  • Bug Fix: There were instances of empty objects showing in the KPI builder in Dashboard and Reports. This issue has bee resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In Report Wizard, when generating a report that included the Research Central Comparison module, the PDF was showing the same comparison values for all the URLs included in the report. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: When researching URLs in Research Central, the same domain stats were coming back for any query you ran. Mainly international TDLs were affected. This issue as been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The WordPress section of Rave was triggering "An error occurred accessing this blog" error. This was due to a broken xmlrpc point. This issue has been resolved.

February 2015

  • Update: Added Bid Goal Performance to the Google AdWords tool. It's also available as data for reporting.
  • Bug Fix: Website Directory now loads metrics properly for newly added websites. Also, the "Last Updated" stat is now accurate; it was broken for all websites.
  • Bug Fix: Some of the new Dashboard and Reports KPI widgets were "bleeding" outside the edge of their boxes. Others went into the margins of the PDF versions. We fixed those.
  • Bug Fix: In Research Central, text under the Statistics section of the Summary page was overflowing when the titles were long. This included the descriptions as well.
  • Bug Fix: Report Wizard didn't understand email addresses from the newly validated TLDs (such as .ninja). The system was throwing an error if you attempted to save a report scheduled to send to one of those emails.
  • Update: Added Paid/Organic to the AdWords tool. It's also available as data for reporting.
  • Bug Fix: Users that were set up as read-only had the ability to authorize new Facebook accounts. Doh! Now read-only is back to read-only.
  • Bug Fix: When you hovered over some widgets in an HTML Dashboard or Report, the definition of the metric was hiding behind the data. Now you can see the data and the definition.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Google AdWords related to comparison date ranges.
  • Update: We updated Research Central and Backlink Explorer to support newly validated TLDs (such as .ninja).
  • Bug Fix: In Research Central, the Google Search Volume trends graph wasn't always working. Now it does.
  • Update: We added Shopping Product Groups under the Shopping section of the Google AdWords tool. Also, you can report on this data.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter and LinkedIn KPI widgets in Dashboard and Reports would show comparison results... even when the previous value was 0 and there was no comparison to be made. So, we fixed that, plus made sure that the red/green up/down arrows were showing for all LinkedIn KPI widgets with comparison data.
  • Bug Fix: The AdWords Top Performers table in Dashboards and Reports wasn't properly sorting the Cost column.
  • Update: We removed as a Twitter shortener option. Twitter is inconsistently considering those links spam, and that leads to a lot of inconsistently failing posts to Twitter via Raven. Any Raven accounts that had set as their default shortener will now use
  • Bug Fix: Facebook posts that included YouTube links tended to generate error messages or simply fail.
  • Update: Google AdWords management is now accessed through the Google AdWords Metrics page.
  • Bug Fix: Widget tooltips weren't formatted properly in published reports in Dashboard and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: When generating PDFs in Dashboard and Reports, blank pages were being randomly added. This is no longer happening.
  • Update: Previously, links imported from Google Analytics to Link Manager would be given a link type of "Organic." From now on, all links imported this way will have "Referral" link types instead.
  • Bug Fix: Publishing a scheduled report was causing the start and end dates for the reports to override group start and end dates. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where Google Webmaster Tools data was being reports a little higher in Raven that what Google was displaying.
  • Update: Blog Manager has been renamed WordPress.
  • Bug Fix: When you attempted to switch between profiles while using Chrome and IE, an error message was displayed. We fixed this issue.
  • Bug Fix: The Google AdWords Top Keywords module in Report Wizard was showing every keyword as "AutomaticContent".
  • Bug Fix: In Dashboard and Reports, the Display Ads in the Ads table widget was showing text previews instead of images. This isn’t the case anymore.
  • Update: We made some changes to the Textbroker email you receive when an article is ready. It now includes revision directions.
  • Update: The Site Auditor comparison page no longer shows a percentage change on first- time crawls.
  • Bug Fix: Some social channels were sending scheduled posts after the account was cancelled. This has been corrected.
  • Update: It is now easier to set up a WordPress blog that uses SSL (“https://”).
  • Bug Fix: Site Auditor is now properly stripping HTML tags in page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Bug Fix: The Link Referral SEO metrics KPI was showing all referrals instead of those from the active link records in Link Manager.
  • Bug Fix: We found that in some instances, the KPIs in Dashboard and Reports were expanding beyond their allocated space and overlapping onto tables.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a CSS issue where the table filter icons we not being properly aligned.
  • Bug Fix: We no longer automatically select every available column for table widgets added to reports.
  • Bug Fix: The date sorting on tables wasn’t working correctly, but it is now.
  • Bug Fix: The chart library we were using was causing some browsers to crash when accessing certain parts of Raven, so we replaced it with Google Charts.
  • Bug Fix: When you exported a PDF from an HTML report where line graphs were turned off, those lines were still being displayed in the PDF report.
  • Update: Changed various references of the data provider formerly known as MajesticSEO to its new moniker, Majestic.
  • Bug Fix: Research Central was having trouble fetching data for some international domains.
  • Bug Fix: Date ranges are new and improved for scheduled reports! Whatever you use as the default date range in the Report Settings will be the default for future scheduled reports — not whatever date ranges are attached to each widget group.
  • Bug Fix: Briefly, the page titles of HTML reports weren't displaying the Report Name as they had been, instead substituting a generic "Marketing Report." Now they'll carry your Report Name as usual.

January 2015

  • Bug Fix: Briefly, if you scheduled any given report, Raven's system was creating a one-time duplicate version of that report (which you neither needed nor asked for). We fixed that.
  • Bug Fix: The “Location" and “Clip” table columns in the Link Manager table widget in Dashboard and Reports were missing images.
  • Bug Fix: Published HTML reports stopped displaying logos. Instead, you saw a spinning wheel of death where the image would have been. No more spinning wheel of death!
  • Bug Fix: There was an issue in Blog Manager that wasn’t allowing you to connect your WordPress blog.
  • Bug Fix: We found and fixed an issue in Dashboards and Reports where some people were being asked to connect an AdWords account... even though one had already been connected.
  • Bug Fix: Previously entered notes in Link Manager were missing. In addition, the “Add Note” button was not working. These two issues have been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Leads from MailChimp weren’t populating in CRM leads.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed WHOIS data formatting in Competitor Manager.
  • Bug Fix: If you clicked on Google Analytics and then started to navigate through the various features (goals, traffic, data comparison, etc), certain browsers froze. This isn't happening anymore.
  • Bug Fix: Read-only users with access to Google Analytics were getting the error, “You do not have permission to access this section,” even though they did, in fact, have permission.
  • Update: We made some changes to CRM contact records to make them less United States-centric. We changed State to “State/Territory/Province”; changed ZIP to “ZIP/Postal Code”; and the text fields for Country now have a dropdown menu.
  • Update: You can now use a pie chart widget to break down “Total Issues” from Site Auditor in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: We updated Dashboard and Reports widgets to match the same terminology displayed within the AdWords Metrics tool. Prior to the fix, we had incorrectly labeled a series of KPIs related to conversions. The data now matches.
  • Bug Fix: Each of the “Top” table widgets from Google Analytics — Top Traffic, Top Landing Pages, Top Referrals and Top Social Network Referrals — were defaulting to showing data based on Medium rather than each table’s respective metric. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: If you were using Firefox 35, the dropdown arrow in some of the sections of Raven weren't being displayed.
  • Bug Fix: The AdWords “Hours of Day” widget wasn’t displaying the hour of the day.
  • Bug Fix: If you added a custom website to Persona Manager, you weren't allowed to delete it or even edit it. Weird. Now you can.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where new reports were failing to publish if they had Facebook and/or Google Analytics modules included.
  • Bug Fix: The Social Monitor results widget table didn't hyperlink to the source of the mention. We made it so it does now.
  • Bug Fix: Sub-users with read-only access to CRM were able to add, edit and delete contacts. They're now on lockdown, as they should have been.
  • Update: After recent updates to Google Chrome, many of the features in our toolbar extension for it don't work as expected. We are no longer offering this extension for new downloads in Raven or the Chrome Web Store. If you already have the toolbar installed, we recommend deactivating or uninstalling it. We are planning to create new browser extensions in the future. Email if you want us to let you know when we release them.
  • Update: Added YouTube video metrics tables to the Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter KPIs weren't showing any data as soon as they could have been in the Dashboards and Reports. Now, when you authorize a Twitter account for the first time in Raven, you start getting data that same day. This also applies to the data retrieved into the Twitter and Twitter Metrics tools.
  • Bug Fix: The Site Auditor Total Issues and Research Central Link Distribution line graphs in Dashboards and Reports were showing 12/31/1969 on axes that weren't supposed to be dates. This has been corrected.
  • Bug Fix: If you started to remove columns from view in a Google Analytics table in Dashboards and Reports, the Primary Dimension column disappeared no matter what.
  • Bug Fix: Found (and fixed) some issues related to enabling/disabling visibility of columns on PDF versions of Reports.
  • Bug Fix: When you added a contact to CRM, and selected "Personal" as the contact type, you were still required to include a company name. This is not necessary anymore.
  • Bug Fix: There were some issues with Backlink Explorer not correctly reporting nofollow and image links in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: When you created a Google Analytics table widget in Dashboards and Reports, the Primary Dimension you selected didn't display on the report. That column was missing.
  • Bug Fix: The currency symbol for the United Arab Emirates, Dirham, was not rendering correctly on tables.
  • Bug Fix: Site Performance quick reports were occasionally missing comparison data.
  • Update: Removed "Blog Search" from the Social Monitor Source options as it is not longer supported.
  • Update: We added competitors to Site Performance quick reports.
  • Bug Fix: The Primary Dimension column in a Google Analytics table widget in Dashboards and Reports is not changeable within the columns list. You can move any of the other table columns.
  • Bug Fix: Rankings widgets in Dashboards and Reports were always showing data for the last 30 days, regardless of the date range you selected.
  • Update: Because the Dimensions Key in Google Analytics can sometimes have a large number of items, we added a search function to Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: When you attempted to load Dashboards or Reports using Firefox 33.0.2 or IE10, you got an error message. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: The list that was displayed in the Dimensions Key was always set by the value of Metric "Medium." This is now longer the case.
  • Update: In Persona Manager, we added a button to the Persona View Login form to make it easier to visit the website.
  • Bug Fix: In the legacy Report Wizard, we found that the Google Analytics metrics in the LinkedIn Company Metrics reporting module weren't showing any titles. This happened because those metrics got deprecated. We have updated them to the new ones.
  • Update: In Persona Manager, we added the option to view login information.
  • Bug Fix: For some reason the Top Searches table under GWT wasn't showing Average Ranking position comparison data in Dashboards and Reports. We added it.
  • Update: Added custom filters for Google Average Position as well as Bing Average Position widgets in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Update: The Top Searches table is now available for reporting under the SEO Metrics section in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: Text Summary text and some widgets started "running off the page" in Reports. That made some reports look terrible. We fixed that pronto, along with related issues that were affecting the logo.
  • Bug Fix: We were incorrectly assigning Average Click Position values to Average Impression Position in Bing Webmaster Tools widgets in the Dashboards and Reports. All the data is where it's supposed to be now.
  • Bug Fix: Though they make sense in the interactive HTML reports when you hover over the ? symbol, the definitions of metrics shouldn't have been displaying on the PDF versions. Now, they're all gone.
  • Update: Added Google Adwords Shopping data to our Dashboards and Reports.
  • Update: We added the option to select individual campaigns for Google AdWords KPI widgets in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed the AdWords KPI widgets in Dashboards and Reports that were ignoring network segments.
  • Bug Fix: Wonky things were happening with the dates in some line graphs in Dashboards and Reports. The dates weren't sorting correctly.

December 2014

  • Bug Fix: Research Central's Total Links line graph widget in Dashboards and Reports didn't have the option to turn metrics on/off. We added it.
  • Update: Upgraded to Facebook Open Graph v2.1
  • Bug Fix: Bing Webmaster Tools line graph widgets in Dashboards and Reports were always plotting average click/impressions positions as daily events, even if you chose to display them as weekly ones.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected an issue where quick reports containing Google Analytics Geo Location data weren't filtering correctly.
  • Update: In Dashboards and Reports, GA: All Referral data can now be display as a pie chart, so you can compare it with your Direct, Search and Other Traffic data.
  • Update: We added Google Analytics account information to the sidebar navigation of the tool, which should help resolve frequent confusion about the source of certain data sets, such Advanced Segments.
  • Bug Fix: LinkedIn Personal Summary comparison data wasn't showing in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Audience New vs Retuning KPI widget wasn't displaying any data in Dashboards and Reports. We fixed it, and added the option to filter the results by New, Returning or both.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved Reports and Dashboards display errors resulting from resizing the window.
  • Bug Fix: Events stored in Event Manager are now displayed on line graphs in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Update: We are allowing Site Auditor crawls to complete even if Google's malware check fails. This wasn't the case before.
  • Bug Fix: The AdWords Days of the Week widget in Dashboards and Reports was showing the same data, no matter which device you selected.
  • Bug Fix: Reports weren't rendering all tables correctly when being output to PDF.
  • Bug Fix: The Bing Avg Impression Rankings KPI widget in Dashboards and Reports was showing change percentages incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Walkthroughs never closed when you navigated away from the page the walkthrough was on. They do now.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where occasionally Site Finder reports were getting stuck at 5%.
  • Bug Fix: In some legacy Report Wizard data modules, we were displaying a change of 0 as red. No change is not bad change, and we removed the color.
  • Update: In the Site Auditor tool, we added the option to regenerate a YSlow report.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some problems with the the toggle switch for email settings on scheduled Reports.
  • Bug Fix: The Google CTR KPI widget in Dashboards and Reports was showing a different value than what was being reported in Google Webmaster Tools. They now match.
  • Bug Fix: Google Analytics Goals widgets in Dashboards and Reports weren't showing the Conversions filter option.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed frequently setting field as it wasn't registering any changes made under the Reports Settings section.
  • Bug Fix: If you attempted to delete a campaign from the Google AdWords tool, you ran into problems. An "Invalid Bidding Strategy" error would pop up. We've fixed that.
  • Bug Fix: We cleaned up the display of data in the Competitor Manager tool.
  • Bug Fix: When you attempted to create a quick report from the Ad Groups view in the AdWords Metrics tool, you were greeted with a 404 page error.
  • Bug Fix: Blog Manager wasn't showing any posts for blogs that were successfully connected.
  • Bug Fix: Email messages from the legacy Report Wizard weren't being formatted properly. They weren't showing any line breaks.
  • Update: Added the option to show Facebook's Weekly Total Reach as a line graph widget in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with table spacing in PDFs generated from Reports.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics All Traffic Average Order Value and All Traffic per Session Value KPI widgets in Dashboards and Reports weren't displaying  data.
  • Bug Fix: When you exported a Report to PDF and included long tables, blank pages were randomly added.
  • Bug Fix: In the Rankings tool, the trendline on the line graph wasn't matching what was reported as the Google Average Position total.
  • Bug Fix: The Average Position KPI widget under Rankings in Dashboards and Reports was showing "0" as subtitle.
  • Bug Fix: When you posted to Company Pages with the LinkedIn tool, content was being duplicated.
  • Bug Fix: The Total Page Size shown on Site Auditor wasn't matching the data provided in reports.
  • Bug Fix: We weren't properly converting the data for LinkedIn Company Profile CTR and Engagement widgets to percentages in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: When you added a hyperlink to a Report, any PDF created from it was showing both the linked text and the URL. Too much ugly!
  • Bug Fix: Some folks encountered an issue when they created a new sub-user account in User Manager. Even though all the information was in place, the system was triggering a "Require Name" error.
  • Bug Fix: The Backlink line graph in the Summary section of Research Central was wacky, with lines all over the place. We smoothed them back out.
  • Bug Fix: When you generated a legacy report from Report Wizard that included the Link Manager module, the report was failing to complete. It works now.
  • Bug Fix: The Tool Options button in Site Auditor was intermittently disappearing. On the initial load it worked. But it then disappeared if you navigated to another section of Raven and came back.
  • Update: We added additional Facebook KPI widgets, including Total Lifetime Likes, Daily New Likes, Daily Unlikes, Page Views and Unique Visitors to Dashboards and Reports.
  • Bug Fix: Scheduled Reports that were being sent as a PDF attachment weren't including the custom email message. Now they do.
  • Bug Fix: When you added Summary data to a Facebook module in the legacy Report Wizard, and you weren't showing the Page Posts table, an extra blank page was being added to the report. (Talk about random.)
  • Bug Fix:  Blog Manager couldn't connect blogs with a http to https redirect.
  • Bug Fix: Under the visibility section of Site Auditor, we weren't showing the number of pages for redirects.
  • Bug Fix: The Page URL wasn't displaying on the Page column under the Visibility section of Site Auditor. The Page Title in the Meta section was also being affected.
  • Bug Fix: Individual profile roles weren't saving in User Manager, specifically on very large, detailed forms.
  • Bug Fix: When outputting Reports to PDF, the URL wasn't fitting properly. We resized it.
  • Bug Fix: The Keyword Manager widget in Dashboards and Reports wasn't displaying Average Rank comparison data, but now it does.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some issues related to how Google Analytics was reporting eCommerce data in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Update: Profile level Filter Sets weren't available for table widgets in Dashboards and Reports. We only included global filters, so we added the profile level options as well.
  • Update: We killed the dividing lines in the navigation menu for hidden tools. Your read-only users won't wonder what they're missing anymore.

November 2014


Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: You can now drill down to campaigns in Adwords KPI widgets.
  • Update: Top Ads AdWords widgets now displays full ad text.
  • Bug Fix: Another case of disappearing changes! When you created frequency settings to schedule reports, all was well... unless you had to view those settings again, when they would revert to the default.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: If you deleted a negative keyword in AdWords, the system triggered an error message.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: The Email Metrics KPI widgets were showing decimal values instead of percentages.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: Fixed the AWeber connection with CRM, which was triggering an error message.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: Added an Email Report button so you can email reports right away.
  • Bug Fix: More Text Summary issues. This time, some paragraphs were overlapping the next section and making the report look messy. All cleaned up now!
  • Bug Fix: Turns out that there were table sorting issues that were affecting Firefox/Safari differently than Chrome. Sorting now works as expected on all these three browsers.
  • Bug Fix: Facebook and Twitter comparison data was missing.
  • Bug Fix: When you created a report and a given section was more than one page of length, the table heading could show at the end of one page, and the table of contents on the next one. Now all the things that belong together are together.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: LinkedIn Company Referrals stats were showing a change value, but the weren't formatted as percentages. They are now.
  • Bug Fix: Research Central's backlink line graph was displaying "2000" for every year. Oops!

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: PDF annotations are now turned off by default for line charts.
  • Update: The Link Manager widget didn't offer the option to filter data by date, like in the old reports. This functionality has been added.
  • Bug Fix: PDF report titles were being cut off or displaying improperly.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: Attention multi-taskers! If you create a Filter Set for any of the tables that contain filtering options, feel free to refresh the page or navigate elsewhere. When you come back, your filtered view will persist.
  • Bug Fix: When you edited a user in User Manager the default was automatically being set to "Unrestricted." Access rights are being applied correctly now.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: Text Summaries weren't spacing paragraphs correctly on published reports.
  • Bug Fix: If you gave a widget a custom name and later you edited it, the custom title was getting overwritten and defaulting to the original one.
  • Bug Fix: Choosing "None" as a comparison date range didn't remove comparison start and end dates from reports.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: You weren't able to add a Site Auditor bar char widget to your report.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: Found an issue with the Social Monitor reports not pulling a complete list of Twitter results.
  • Bug Fix: An error was preventing folks from adding negative match keywords to be added to Ad Groups in Google AdWords.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: We added country and region filters to the Google Analytics Geo Location reporting widget.
  • Update: You can now hide dates ranges from displaying on any section of your reports.
  • Update: You have the ability to turn on/off PDF annotations from reports.
  • Bug Fix: Some folks were seeing "invalid logo selected" when they attempted to upload a logo to their report. All logos are valid again.
  • Bug Fix: Reports were ignoring the checkboxes for "Set All Dates" in the Report Settings form. They should stick now.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: Link Manager widgets were having issues if you're storing a large number of links with Raven. The pie charts and tables weren't always loading, but they should now.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: Do you have an email address with one of the newer, longer TLDs? We can handle that.
  • Update: Added five levels of categories and product types under Google Shopping.
  • Bug Fix: The GA Overview graph was hard to read because of the number of unlabeled lines. We addressed this issue by separating multiple metrics into separate charts.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: Removed Facebook's Who You Reached chart plotting.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: Added "Save current view to CSV" option to Social Monitor search results.
  • Bug Fix: The Add Link button on the main Link Manager page disappeared... unless you happened to visit a link record and then go back to the page. The Add Link button is back now!
  • Bug Fix: The AdWords Performance module in Report Wizard was showing an extremely large number under the Cost column. The metric has been properly formatted.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: The logo and campaign name area can now allow longer campaign names.
  • Update: If you uploaded a logo that was too big, there wasn't a way to edit or remove the logo and try again. Now an edit/remove button always shows.
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes, if you imported a custom report into a different profile or campaign to use as a template, many of your customized widgets would reset to their default settings... which defeats the purpose of a template. This shouldn't happen anymore.

October 2014


Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: In several instances, the date picker in Dashboards and Reports wasn't allowing changes to date ranges. This isn't the case anymore.
  • Bug Fix: When you have a KPI widget using the eCommerce table content settings from Google Analytics, editing the KPI showed the "Summary" metrics dropdown instead of eCommerce ones. Now you get the correct dropdown.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes, links in the Related Links table in a Website Directory entry weren't pointing to the right places. Now they do.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: The Blog Manager table widgets were sorting entries incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Site Performance's Domain Authority KPI widget wasn't working for competitors.
  • Bug Fix: The First Page CPC columns on the AdWords Top Performance table widget were using an incorrect number format.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: If you attempted to reject a Textbroker article, a blank window would display. Consequently the article wasn't rejected. This issue has been solved.
  • Bug Fix: Improved issues related to uploading your logo for white labeling.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: There were some sorting issues with the Average Rank column in the Keyword Manager table widget.
  • Bug Fix: The CTR column on the GWT Top Searches table widget wasn't displaying results as percentages. We added the percentage symbol there, as well as in the GWT tool itself.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: Added Keyword Manager Ranking as a table KPI under Rankings.
  • Bug Fix: The "Last Month" comparison date range was simply subtracting a month from start and end date. Months with different number of days weren't accounted for. This is now solved.
  • Bug Fix: Custom Date ranges and Custom Compare Date ranges in any section of a report weren't handling the dd/mm/yyyy format very well.
  • Bug Fix: If you edit the way that a Link Manager table widget sorts, the sort now "sticks."

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: Added a preventive measure for Textbroker so orders cannot be accepted more than once.
  • Update: When creating a new sub-user account, the individual profile role was automatically set as "No Access." This was making it particularly difficult when you had to change a large number of user profiles. The default role is now set to "Use Default."
  • Update: We have clarified an error message in Site Finder. If you run a query for a report older than 90 days, the message now says, "Backlink data has expired for that domain." We do not store backlink data in Backlink Explorer or Site Finder tools older than 90 days.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: The Submit and Cancel buttons on the GWT: Top Searches table are working again, and you are able to change the number of results displayed.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: The legacy dashboard was reporting AdWords costs as millions of dollars. Definitively wrong!
  • Bug Fix: We fixed a problem where updating link statuses in bulk in Link Manager accidentally redirected some people to the dashboard.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: We added several more KPIs to Site Auditor! We also aded a new widget type to Total Issues — a horizontal bar chart that mimics the bar chart in the Site Auditor tool.
  • Bug Fix: AdWords KPI widgets weren't pulling in comparison data correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Last week we gave you a way to set the number of results that displayed in your table in the HTML view... but the print-friendly version still displayed all results no matter what. This resulted in unnecessarily long reports.
  • Bug Fix: Some columns in the Rankings table displayed results as ++. Now they display the proper data.
  • Bug Fix: Some AdWords widgets on scheduled reports were stuck in the spinning wheel of death; the widgets never populated with data. We fixed that.

Related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: The date format you select in Report Settings (mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy) is now reflected in line graphs and bar charts too.
  • Update: We adjusted the list of reports you can import to organize it nicely. For each report you can import, we now show the name of the profile and campaign where it was first created/shared.
  • Bug Fix: If you added a Goals KPI from Google Analytics, the data reported was the same regardless of which conversion you selected, even eCommerce. So frustrating! This issue has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: If you imported a report with Google Analytics KPIs in them, all those KPIs changed their metrics to Sessions. Double frustrating! That doesn't happen anymore.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: You can now filter Google Analytics results in tables by metrics. Before your only option was to filter results by the primary dimension.
  • Update: We removed the footer text and default Raven logo from the PDF Quick Reports you can create in individual tools.

These are related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: We added LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages as data sources for new reports and the new dashboard. You can now generate reports with these data sources.
  • Update: Custom filters are now available as a filter option in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Update: Added weekly as a plotting frequency for line graphs and bar charts.
  • Bug Fix: Some charts displayed the error "Too Much Recursion." It seemed to be happening more in Firefox than any other browsers. The issue has been solved.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: In AdWords, the previous period comparison line was appearing even when comparison settings were set to none. This is now fixed.

These are related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: If you added a Top Searches widget to your report, we were displaying a few columns unrelated to the current widget. All good now!
  • Bug Fix: Dashboard widgets were not transferred when you moved a campaign from one profile to another. Information is now retained when moved.

These are related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: You couldn't import a branded template from a different profile, but now you can. YAY!
  • Bug Fix: AdWords widgets in new reports and the new dashboard weren't showing comparison date ranged according to customer's settings. This is not the case anymore.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: The AdWords Summary module in the old Dashobard was asking you to connect AdWords, even when the account was already connected and data was coming through.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the Add Task button which was not working in some sections of Raven. The functionality has been restored.

These are related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: You can now report on eCommerce data using the Google Analytics widgets.
  • Bug Fix: Discovered an issue in which the Text Summary was overlapping data in reports. Everything looks good now.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Goals widget was showing Sessions instead of Goal Completions. As a result, the widget wasn't displaying any data.
  • Bug Fix: When in a report, updating date formatting options in Reports Settings didn't affect each section's date settings. It now works as expected.
  • Bug Fix: Found an issue with some graphs showing a slight difference from the date range originally selected. This problem has been solved.
  • Bug Fix: Choosing None as a compare date range didn't remove the comparison data. It now works as intended.
  • Bug Fix: The Keyword Manager table was converting mini line charts into ridiculous strings of characters. No more funny characters instead of charts.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Geo Location module was dropping the primary dimension when a filter for state/regions was applied. This is fixed.

These are related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: The Site Performance widget for Moz External Backlinks wasn't calculating percentage correctly. We fixed the math.
  • Bug Fix: Date ranges set to "Last Week: Sunday-Saturday" were pulling data from Monday-Sunday instead. We've got our calendar straight now.
  • Bug Fix: Increases and decreases in AdWords data now show the right colors. Rising costs and declining revenues are red (bad). Declining costs and rising revenues are green (good).
  • Bug Fix: In the Twitter Retweets KPI widget, we showed 0.0% with an up arrow if there was no change. We now show "--" with no arrow.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Impressions KPI widget wasn't calculating the percentage change correctly. We fixed the math here, too.
  • Bug Fix: Editing some Google Analytics widgets caused Revenue and Transactions to disappear.
  • Bug Fix: AdWords widgets weren't pulling any data when added as a group.

Not related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Bug Fix: If you clicked on any links in the Website Directory tool, you saw a blank page instead of link information. Now it is working as it should.

These are related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: You can now set custom comparison date ranges in reports and dashboards, or choose "None" for no comparison at all.
  • Update: Choose the plotting frequency for line graphs and bar charts: daily, monthly or yearly.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics KPI widget for Returning Visitors Sessions wasn't showing any data when a Dimension Key was selected, even though there was data to report. It's fixed!

These are related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: You can now limit the number of rows shown in a table. The default is set to 10, but you can increase it to 1,000. Woohoo!
  • Bug Fix: Some widgets weren't displaying definitions on the ? hover in published reports. Now they are.

These are all related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: Table columns that should sort based on numbers now do. Some columns were sorting by the percentage change, instead of the numbers those percentage changes were based on. That led to odd sorting results, such as columns that went from -568% to -100% to 0 to 100% to 568%. While technically accurate, this wasn't very helpful for at-a-glance views at your best (or worst) data.
  • Update: Favicon was an image of Raven's logo on new report URLs, which was a problem for fully custom domain / white label customers. Now it's gone! No more issue.
  • Bug Fix: When you rename a widget, it now "sticks" even after you edit the widget. This was super annoying, so we're glad it's fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Sorting the Reports tables by Views was causing the table to blank out.
  • Bug Fix: Watermark was being applied to reports in non-trial user's accounts.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter charts were only showing 30 days of data regardless of the date range selected. You should see more than 30 days of data now.
  • Bug Fix: The "Compared To" date range listed in Dashboards was the same as the main date range. Now it's showing what it's supposed to by default, which is the corresponding previous period to your Dashboard date range.
  • Bug Fix: If you added a Facebook KPI widget to your report, Raven was not reporting any data, even if your Raven was authorized to access your Facebook account. The KPI are now displaying data properly.

These are all related to Raven's new Reports and Dashboards:

  • Update: We're no longer limiting the max number of columns in a table to 8! Watch out, though — it might be extra hard to read tables on printed reports that have 13 columns in them. A pretty good number is around 5.
  • Update: Absolutely nothing in your report? Now you can't publish it. You'll see an error message prompting you to add widgets, and you won't be able to push the Publish button. (This was causing us server errors.)
  • Update: In Firefox, tables that span multiple pages of a printed report will have a table header row at the top of each page. Chrome does not support this. Boo.
  • Update: Adjusted where page breaks occur for printed reports. Unfortunately, Chrome appears to have a known issue with ignoring this setting. Double boo.
  • Bug Fix: Text summaries changes in cloned reports would update text in the original report. While this has been requested as a feature — for sending all clients the same monthly message, for example — it's definitely not intentional right now.
  • Bug Fix: Importing a Dashboard would pull the original campaign's Facebook account instead of the correct Facebook account for the new campaign.
  • Bug Fix: Issue that changed to the primary dimension in a custom widget table in dashboard reports weren't reflected in the sort by or table column sections.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Facebook KPIs would sometimes show up empty
  • Bug Fix: Unpublish button wasn't unpublishing. Now it is.
  • Bug Fix: Table sorting options didn't "stick" if you had to edit a widget later. Now they do.
  • Bug Fix: Bullet point and numbered lists in the text summary widget were getting stripped out.
  • Bug Fix: Pie Charts weren't sizing correctly on printed reports.
  • Bug Fix: Some tables were running off the edges of the pages in printed reports.
  • Update: On the Google Analytics: Audience - Geo Location reporting module in Report Wizard you can now use an exclusion filter by adding "-" in front of the location you want to filter out on your report.
  • Bug Fix: On the same Geo Location reporting module, we found a bug. You weren't able to use saved table filter sets. You can now.
  • Bug Fix: We were showing more campaigns in the AdWords section of Google Analytics than actually existed in AdWords. We've added filters to prevent this from happening again.
  • Bug Fix: When you import a CSV of links into Link Manager, Raven now does a better job of detecting if any of those links already exist in Link Manager. No more duplicates.
  • Bug Fix: Facebook monthly reports from Report Wizard weren't pulling in all results for previous month, an issue related to time zones. Now they do.

September 2014

  • Feature: We released new, interactive Dashboards and Reports in Raven!
  • Bug Fix: If you tried to reauthorize your LinkedIn account, you were automatically redirected to the main Dashboard page. We've stopped throwing you into an infinite loop.
  • Update: In Site Performance we noticed that under the Social Metrics section, specifically Google Plus, it said "pluse" when the site only had one +1. We fixed the typo.
  • Bug Fix: In Firefox, some drop-down menus were picking up odd background colors, making them look rather wonky. All backgrounds are white now, and it looks so much better.
  • Bug Fix: AdWords CSV downloads didn't include the entire ad headline copy, and they showed multiple lines within one cell. This has been fixed. Now, the CSV report contains additional columns beyond the ad's headline.
  • Bug Fix: In the Google Analytics tool, when you clicked any sub-nav item, and then clicked onto another main navigation item, the sub-nav item stayed highlighted. Weird. But not anymore.
  • Bug Fix: PDF reports that included the GA: Audience - Geo Location module displayed only sessions, even if the other columns were selected. Also, the Table of Contents didn't recognize this module. These two issues have been corrected.
  • Update: We made some updates to our Referral program. If you invite a friend to try Raven and they purchase a plan, you and your friend will receive a $50 credit.
  • Bug Fix: Found an issue with the Keyword Ranking reports graph where the overview metrics were squishing the graph data to the bottom of the graph. Graphs look good now.
  • Bug Fix: When creating a Google Analytics report and including comparison metrics to a previous month, the report was showing 0 for the previous month’s data. This data was only missing in reports. Comparisons are now showing normally in reporting.
  • Bug Fix: Found an isolated issue where you were able to edit a Google Analytics reporting module when using a Report Template. The Edit Report button that appeared wasn't functional. Everything is working now.
  • Bug Fix: Identified some weirdness with the Report Summary page in Report Wizard. The text you can add in the summary module was cut off at the bottom of the page and obstructed the page number. It certainly didn't look good, but it does now.
  • Bug Fix: In the Goals section of Google Analytics, some of the e-commerce columns were not relevant to the selected dimensions. As a result, an error message was triggered. If a metric is known not to work with a given dimension, the e-commerce column is no longer shown. And there's no longer a need for an error message in this scenario.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics reporting module for “Audience - Engagement” wasn’t reporting all the available data and data wasn’t color coded. This is now fixed.
  • Bug Fix: When attempting to connect Google Webmaster Tools, Raven was automatically selecting HTTPS by default. This issue is now solved and you can proceed with GWT authorizations normally.
  • Update: Added the option to support HTTPS sites in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Bug Fix: When researching a webpage in Research Central, some URL Scope metrics were being displayed based on the root domain rather than the page you were researching. This is now fixed.
  • Bug Fix: In Social Monitor, if you clicked the Tool Options button, the table showing your searches refreshed needlessly. This refresh no longer occurs.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed a disconnection issue related to LinkedIn accounts, which was sometimes happening when a LinkedIn account was accessed by multiple Raven users.
  • Bug Fix: In Google Analytics, the Match Any filter option for filtering table data was broken. If you tried to create a new filter and selected Match Any in this section, results didn't come up.
  • Bug Fix: Discovered some issues with the Ad Group section of Google AdWords. If you clicked the Edit Ad Group option, nothing happened. The edit window didn't display and now it does.
  • Bug Fix: In Social Monitor, the Domain Exclusions settings had a broken link. The "Return to Search" link now works.
  • Bug Fix: In Site Performance, the formula used to calculate the percentage change in the SEO Metrics section was slightly off. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: In Link Manager, if you changed a non-paid link type to paid, the Paid Link Options tab didn't appear on the edit screen.
  • Bug Fix: Users who were given access to Report Wizard but not Google Webmaster Tools were being redirected to the Dashboard when attempting to view Report Wizard. This isn't the case anymore.
  • Bug Fix: When you generated a report that included Reach data, the "Who You Reached" header was cut off at the bottom of the PDF. I didn't look very pretty.
  • Bug Fix: Comparison arrows were appearing on the SEO Keyword Ranking report, even if you selected None as the comparison date range. This is now fixed.
  • Bug Fix: In Facebook Metrics, Twitter Metrics and YouTube Metrics there was a broken link. The "Open in Analytics" link in the Referral Traffic sections of these tools is now fixed.
  • Bug Fix: In Research Central, keyword summary data was not being filtered by the selected country.

August 2014

  • Bug Fix: The Google Shopping reporting modules were showing all records rather than the number specified. Fixed!
  • Update: During our switch to our new Help Desk we found that some articles were pointing to the old help documentation. All those links are now updated.
  • Bug Fix: Discovered that a customer's Google Analytics dashboard wouldn't update because Raven was trying to pull in date from an old legacy Google Analytics token. We found a fix for the issue.
  • Bug Fix: In situations when the upgrade window appeared in trial accounts, some header and page titles changed on a few pages. We sorted it out.
  • Update: We streamlined the process for connecting Google Webmaster Tools data to Raven by removing a step. Customers no longer need to manually type in the name of the Google Webmaster Tools account they just authorized. This step was creating a lot of confusion and unintended issues.
  • Update: On Google Analytics charts, when you hovered over the trendline, a tooltip was displaying X and Y coordinates for some reason. We removed the coordinates and resized the tooltip box. Much cleaner look now!
  • Update: The Google Webmaster Tools authorization instructions were linking to the wrong article. The link has been updated and it now points to the most up-to-date article.
  • Update: Removed remnants of Google Places from our code, which wasn't being used in Raven.
  • Bug Fix: The confirmation page in our Order Content tool was displaying the incorrect amount. This is fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The data in Google Analytics wasn't updating when you changed the date range, unless you refreshed the page. The updated metrics now appear automatically if you change the date range.
  • Bug Fix: It was possible to connect Google Webmaster Tools to Raven and skip the step in which Raven asks for a name to identify the newly connected account. In same cases, this caused the account to not be listed as already connected.
  • Bug Fix: Moved the alert displayed under the Google Webmaster Tools page above the breadcrumb because it looked ugly.
  • Bug Fix: In the Google Analytics Engagement sections we didn't clearly display the unit of time associated with the displayed number. We were simply displaying the raw number in seconds. We made some improvement to reflect the time with better formatting (i.e. 54:33:07).
  • Bug Fix: When you tried to authorize a Google Webmaster Tools account, Raven was assuming the campaign display name was the same as the campaign website address, which caused issues. This is because they aren't always the same. You can for instance have a campaign website address of with a display name of "Raven Website."
  • Feature: Released our new Help Desk, a cleaner, easier-to-read version of our help and training documentation. It includes a pretty handy search feature that returns spot-on results.
  • Update: We updated the SEO Metrics section to reflect the new Google Analytics language. We were still using View and Visits instead of Users and Sessions.
  • Bug Fix: A couple of GA sections were always showing a "vs," which denotes comparison, even if the comparison feature wasn't on.
  • Bug Fix: Some Google Analytics metrics displayed on reports were getting a .00 added to the end of their value, which was unnecessary. They're gone, and the reports look so much better now.
  • Issue: Earlier in the week we identified an issue with the retrieval of Google Webmaster Tools Top Searches data, which powers our Rankings and GWT Top Searches tools. Upon further investigation we found that the email address we had been using to retrieve the data was blocked by the Google Webmaster Tools API server. After we regained access and to help balance things out, new and existing accounts started to be assigned one of 16 email addresses. For more details refer to this Help Desk document and our System Status page.
  • Issue: Some scheduled reports had delivery delays. We fixed what was holding them up and got the reports sent out ASAP.
  • Update: Raven is faster! The loading time improved from 17-18 seconds to less than 2 seconds.
  • Bug Fix: When you generated a report that included a YouTube module, the Table of Contents simply showed the name of your account, instead of YouTube. We fixed that. In the process, we noticed that the module itself didn't show a specific title. It does now, just like the rest of our reporting modules.
  • Update: If you click on a link in Raven, they now open in a new window or tab. This applies to external links stored in Link Manager, Site Auditor and few other tools.
  • Bug Fix: In specific instances we found that Site Auditor wouldn't crawl more than one page at a time.
  • Bug Fix: The date format in the Site Metrics section of Research Central was incorrect for New Zealand. It was using DD/MM/YY instead of MM/DD/YY.
  • Bug Fix: No more 404 errors if you are trying to access Task Manager.
  • Bug Fix: Scheduled tweets had stopped taking into account the default timezone and country.
  • Update: Removed additional mentions of the "People Talking About This" metric, which Facebook no longer provides.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics: Exit Pages reporting module was preventing reports from completing.
  • Bug Fix: We received several reports from trial users indicating that a popup prompting them to upgrade was inconsistently displayed. This issue has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Found an issue with the Google AdWords reporting module. The Select Campaign dropdown menu in the module was cut off, and you weren't able to see all the available campaigns. This issue appeared to be limited to Chrome 35.0.1916.153.
  • Bug Fix: On the Dashboard module for Google AdWords you couldn't see conversion data. That's because AdWords changed the names of several metrics with their new API. We didn't know, and still pulled in old names, which resulted in zeros. We're using the right names now.
  • Bug Fix: When you ordered content via Textbroker and selected a different language, the categories list was duplicated.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed another Textbroker related issue. If you attempted to submit an order without clicking the "I acknowledge that I'm paying extra money for this article" box, we showed an error message and automatically deactivated the Submit button. Then, when you clicked the box, the Submit button didn't activate. Not a problem anymore.
  • Bug Fix: Found and fixed an issue with Social Monitor showing a "Results Pending" error when scrolling through the results pages.
  • Bug Fix: The Average Position Impressions for Bing were showing 0.0 when there were no results. This was creating confusion. We replaced the 0.0 with a blank space, which is exactly what we do on other columns.
  • Bug Fix: We found an issue with the pagination on our Report History section. You ended up seeing fewer reports than the number that the Report History table said you had.
  • Bug Fix: If a read-only user switched to a profile where their role prevented write access to Google Analytics, we showed a white screen. This persisted even if the read-only user switched to another campaign that they had write access to. To avoid confusion, we added an error message.
  • Bug Fix: Textbroker can't put an article in "Delivered" status more than once now.
  • Bug Fix: Reports that included Email Metrics modules failed to display the data, even though you were able to see the data directly from Campaign > Email Metrics.

July 2014

  • Update: Facebook no longer reports the "People Talking About This" metric, so we removed it from Raven. In its place, Facebook reports other metrics, which we're working on getting into Raven.
  • Bug Fix: When you ordered content via Textbroker and sent it to Content Manager, the order description was showing under the Meta description field.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Top Referrer filtering issues with the Google Analytics report module.
  • Bug Fix: Content Manager was having a hard time displaying content with tricky HTML. We've made it smarter, so that you can see your content.
  • Feature: We released our awesome Referral Program! Learn how to work your way to a free account.
  • Update: You can now report on Google AdWords Shopping campaigns, which was kinda important since AdWords dropped Product Listing Ads campaigns in favor of the Shopping ones.
  • Update: If you disconnect your email service from Raven, after you have already set up a report, once you run that report you will see an error message prompting you to reconfigure your account.
  • Bug Fix: We found that Google Analytics reports defaulted to the first listed Advanced Segment for a given account. For this reason, in some instances, you might not see any data on your reports. We set the default to be All Sessions.
  • Update: We reorganized the navigation on the Campaign section and repositioned the dividers. It makes more sense now!
  • Bug Fix: Google AdWords conversion data wasn't showing up on the Dashboard after we upgraded to the new AdWords API.
  • Bug Fix: We found an issue with Google AdWords not pulling in customer accounts correctly. With the new version of the Google AdWords API, we're having to reinstate the "Provide Your Customer ID" authorization step for non-MCC accounts.
  • Update: The automatic sample report for trial customers didn't include the new Google Analytics: Summary module, which now is called Google Analytics: Overview. We've updated the report, and now trial customers can view a complete report.
  • Update: We added a Manage Accounts option to the Google AdWords and Google Analytics tools. You can easily delete Raven's access to Google accounts you're not using anymore.
  • Bug Fix: If you generated a report that included the Google Analytics: Overview, the tables didn't show any data, they're blank. It mostly affected the "Quick Report" for the Overview module.
  • Bug Fix: Read-only users had some difficulties accessing the Report History section. This is now solved.
  • Bug Fix: We found an issue that briefly affected all the reporting modules with tables. If you had checked or unchecked any of boxes, you weren't able to save the changes.
JULY 17: Bug Stomp, Part 3!
  • Feature Request: You can now export contact email addresses to CSV from the Link Manager.
  • Update: You can now send one-time reports with a "Trackable Download" link and view its history. In addition, the option/link under the gear icon dropdown menu has been changed from "Detail" to "Download History."
  • Update: We added CPA, ROAS and RPC columns to tables in Google AdWords.
  • Bug Fix: Let's say you attempted to edit a custom quality score in Research Central. None of the metrics you added would appear on the page. Now they do.
  • Bug Fix: Some people couldn't see all of the LinkedIn groups that they had admin access to in LinkedIn. We dug into the LinkedIn API now calls group admins "Managers" instead of "Admins." Raven was still looking for the word "Admin." Our code now looks for the new word.
  • Bug Fix: The Google Analytics: Social - Overview report module showed a blank space instead of a pie chart if you didn't have conversion data. Now Raven will skip that section if there is not data.
  • Bug Fix: If you tried to add a blog to the Blog Manager, the following error displayed: "Unable to connect to blog URL." Things connect now.
  • Bug Fix: If you created a Brand Template without uploading a logo image — you just wanted to use text as your logo — then the text you added didn't show up on reports. Now you can create a logo-less Brand Template.
  • Bug Fix: If you went into the All Traffic section in Google Analytics, selected Organic Traffic from the Advanced Segment drop-down menu, and swapped between goals, the Goals Completions metric wasn't updating. That also affected the Goal Conversions Rate and Goal Value metrics.
  • Bug Fix: On the Google Analytics All Traffic reporting module, if you changed the dimension of the Source/Medium, the generated report dropped the first source column.
  • Bug Fix: On the Twitter Metrics section we found that the number of retweets was being calculated incorrectly. Now they're accurate.
JULY 16: Bug Stomp, Part 2!
  • Update: You can now add a title to the Keyword Manager reporting module.
  • Update: SEOmoz rebranded to Moz more than a year ago, and we updated all references to that data in our software back then. Or so we thought... we found several lingering mentions of SEOmoz in Research Central's Quality Score section. Those have been replaced with the correct name.
  • Bug Fix: If you tried to switch between Twitter accounts on the same campaign, you had to refresh the page or even log out of Raven to see data for the different Twitter account. Now you can easily and quickly move between accounts.
  • Bug Fix: Reports with filtered Backlink Explorer data were showing all data instead.
  • Bug Fix: We fixed an error with our Google Webmaster Tools authorization process.
  • Bug Fix: Social Monitor reports weren't including the permalinks, and some customers were adding them manually. We corrected the issue so that reports include this information automatically. No more extra work!
  • Bug Fix: We found out that user accounts with read-only access could see the Edit Report button. Not anymore. As intended, now read-only users can only read and view existing reports.
  • Bug Fix: We stopped Raven from showing a Google AdWords sub-navigation when it wasn't supposed to.
JULY 15: Bug stomp, part 1!
  • Bug Fix: Social Monitor reports would break if you tried to report "no results."
  • Bug Fix: Filters that you saved in the Google Analytics tool weren't showing up in Google Analytics Report Wizard module. Now they do, and you can report your filtered Google Analytics data.
  • Update: We are now allowing more manual selections of Primary Dimensions in Google Analytics Geo: Location reports. For example, you can generate a report of any cities within a country, regardless of the state or region they're in.
  • Bug Fix: We found a strange display issue if you attempted to run a large report with multiple Google Analytics Content: Landing Pages modules with Goals selected. All modules and data display properly now.
  • Bug Fix: The www-redirect detection in Site Performance was not working properly working in some instances and created confusion. If you add a domain as a competitor or the root domain in Site Performance, it now checks for both the www and non-www version of the domain for redirect. In the case a redirect is found, it returns a positive result.
  • Bug Fix: We removed "None" as a choice in the Goals drop-down menu option in Google Analytics module in Report Wizard. If you selected "None," it kept reverting to "All Goals." It was confusing and unnecessary — the default is None.
  • Bug Fix: We found an issue with pagination if you authorized a Google Analytics account that had more than 1,000 properties.
  • Bug Fix: Arrows were disappearing when you sorted arrows by column on any table in Google Analytics. Doh!
  • Bug Fix: If your Primary Dimension was set to "Goal Completion Location" and Goals to "All Goals," only the first two goals appeared as column options, even if you had more than two goals associated with your Google Analytics account.

June 2014

  • Bug Fix: If you changed the Primary Dimension in the Google Analytics module in Report Wizard, the Primary Dimension column wasn't showing up in the report.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where read-only users couldn't access Google Analytics, even if you had granted them access.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug related to campaigns with long names. This was causing the header logo on the PDF reports to get pushed into an overflow area, making some reports look wonky.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Usage page was not showing you all the campaigns that had link monitoring turned on.
  • Bug Fix: Bounce Rate columns on your Google Analytics reports displayed inverted colors — low bounce rates were red (bad) instead of green (good). JUNE 18
  • Bug Fix: The summary text you saved in the Link Manager reporting module in Report Wizard was not making it into the actual report. Now it is!
  • Bug Fix: Fixed YouTube account picker.
  • Feature Request: Added the destination URL to the Link Manager table. This means that you now can filter Link Manager results by destination URL. Also, you can display it on CSV exports and PDF reports.
  • Update: We released new Google Analytics reports, which include significantly more metrics. Learn why Google Analytics marketing reports are now better, faster and easier with Raven.
  • Bug Fix: Landing Page data in Google Analytics had duplicate entries for URLs.
  • Bug Fix: Some Social Monitor reports were missing sentiment colors.
  • Bug Fix: If you tried to add a custom site to Persona Manager — for example, Google+ — you saw an error message that a persona website with the same name already existed (even though it didn't). Oops. Now fixed.
  • Update: Removed several duplicate actions that were slowing your first log in experience. Raven is now 3-5% faster!
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some scheduled LinkedIn posts were being posted twice.
  • Update: Added the number of users included in your plan to the upper section of the User Manager page. This will avoid any confusion when you create a new user or reactivate an existing one.
  • Bug Fix: Released a fix for Top Ads reporting module. When we generated a report with an AdWords campaign that included the text and ad, the PDF was only formatting the rows for text ads. This caused the table row to extend beyond the bottom of the page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was causing timeout issues when you tried to retrieve company data information in LinkedIn. As a consequence, data was not being displayed.
  • Bug Fix: When you attempted to edit a scheduled tweet and shortened the URL, the URL did not shorten. This is working again now.
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