RESOLVED: Google Webmaster Tools shows "Couldn't Add User" error when authorizing GWT rankings data


UPDATE, 4:09 p.m.: We've added several new email accounts to our bank of users and are now assigning these users correctly. If your account still has assigned as the GWT user, please contact Customer Education.


Some customers are currently experiencing an issue with Google Webmaster Tools setup, where the assigned email address returns an error message when added to a website in Google Webmaster Tools.

Why is this error showing?

In order to obtain Top Searches keyword data from Google Webmaster Tools, Raven employs a workaround that essentially downloads your data from GWT and uploads it back into Raven's databases. In order to accomplish that, we ask that you add a restricted user to your account that can download the data in question.

Google limits the total number of websites a single user can be added to. When that user hits its limit, GWT will show an error message stating that the "user has reached the maximum number of sites allowed." Raven rotates through our available email addresses automatically to ensure that our customers are being assigned fresh users.

At this time, the mechanism that assigns available email addresses is not working properly and, instead, is assigning the address This address has hit its limit and cannot be added to new websites.

What can I do?

In order to resolve this issue, please contact our Customer Education team and request that they change your GWT user. Once a Customer Education Specialist has changed your assigned user, you will be able to obtain this keyword data.

Our developers are currently working on a permanent resolution. Keep an eye on our status page for more information, as it is provided.

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