What sections are available in Bing Ads?


BingAds-Sections.jpgThe Bing Ads tool is broken up into five different sections, each displaying performance metrics for a different type of data or from a different perspective. Those sections are Overview, Performance, Schedule, Top Performers, and Geo.


The first section in Bing Ads shows high-level data for your entire account, campaign or ad group. The Summary section displays information about impressions, cost, clicks and more for a given date range.


Bing Ads account data can be further broken down in the Performance tab, which shows how your Bing Ads campaigns are performing in different networks and on different devices. In addition to showing data from networks and devices, this tab also details how your Bing Ads campaigns perform in different ad slots, allowing you to zero in on where your ads are being clicked and where you may want to adjust your campaigns.


The Schedule section in Bing Ads narrows the focus to show how many clicks or conversions were driven to your ads on each day of the week and each hour of the day. This data can be narrowed further by choosing a specific campaign to see graphs for, rather than viewing data for your entire Bing Ads account. This data is useful for optimizing your campaigns so that you avoid paying for non-lucrative times of the day or days of the week.

Top Performers

Top Performers displays specific performance metrics for Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads contained within a given Campaign. Each subsection of Top Performers shows all of the Ad Groups, Keywords or Ads contained in a campaign, with each metric being sortable. By default, these entries are sorted by the total number of impressions, but they can be resorted by a different metric and narrowed further by choosing a particular campaign to draw data from.


The Geo section in Bing Ads breaks down campaign metrics based on the geographic location of people who were served your ad. This section displays data by country, but not by region or city.

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