RESOLVED: Google Webmaster Tools shows "a general error occurred" when authorizing


Updated, Sept. 4 at 2:41 p.m.:

Our developers have resolved a number of the issues affecting Google Webmaster Tools, but are still monitoring the situation. A full explanation, as posted on the Raven Tools status page, follows:

Google has announced that the CSV Download will no longer be available starting October 20, 2015. Therefore, it is essential that we move to use the Search Analytics API, as quickly as possible to avoid losing access for any of our customers.

This API will replace the CSV Downloads that our toolsets have relied upon since their release. However, as it is a new API, there have been several issues that our team has been working through related to performance and error handling. We have been in communication with other development teams that are using the new Search Analytics API as well who have confirmed that the issues are with the API itself.

Our team's full attention is on making this work with as little interruption for our customers as possible. Many of the issues have been quickly resolved once brought to the attention of Google's engineering team. Others require more attention.

To be clear, our commitment is to delivering accurate and timely Keyword Ranking data for our customers to use in their reports. We will continue to work with Google's team to achieve this objective. 


When authorizing Google Webmaster Tools in a Campaign where keyword ranking data does not already exist, some customers are experiencing an issue where the rankings import appears to download but eventually fails, displaying an error message reading "The Search Queries data for that site could not be retrieved at this time."

Our developers are aware of the issue and are currently working with Google's Search Analytics API team for a resolution.

Why is this happening?

Last week, Raven switched over to Google's brand new Search Analytics API and replaced the existing workaround method of obtaining keyword rankings data. Previously, Raven users were required to add a restricted user to each GWT website that they wanted data from, which we would then download and store. This process was complicated, unpredictable and occasionally buggy.

Now, we're obtaining this data similarly to how we display Google Analytics or Google AdWords information, but there are some kinks in the system. Essentially, Raven is coming against quotas set (but not defined) in Google's API documentation. As a result, when we try to get that initial 60 days of keyword information from Google, Google isn't responding.

What can I do about it?

Sit tight. The issue involves rate limits from Google's API, which we need to navigate on our end in order to provide the most consistent experience possible. This is a new endeavor for Google, so there are some kinks that still need to be worked out on their side as well.

Do you know when it'll be fixed?

Our developers are working as quickly as they can, with the information that they have available to them. We aren't able to provide a specific timeline for when this will be resolved, but with the aid of Google's API team, we hope to have GWT running smoothly very soon.

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