How to build a prospect report for obtaining new clients


Raven's WYSIWYG Reports opens up an entire world of possibilities when it comes to reporting. Most people use reports as a recurring status update on active marketing campaigns, but reports can be used for so much more than that. For example, what if your goal was to acquire new business? Try creating a prospect report using WYSIWYG Reports.

What is a prospect report?

A prospect report is, simply put, a report that you can give to a prospective client as part of your pitch for why they need your services as an SEO, digital marketer, social media manager or however else you might sell yourself.

These reports typically provide three types of data: baseline information, competitor information, and analysis. This guide will take you through the tools most useful for providing this information to a potential new client.

Site Auditor

Site Auditor can crawl any public website, which will give you valuable information about how to improve a prospective client's website. As long as the crawling robot dispatched by Raven can access the page, you can use that information in a report.

You can start Site Auditor for any Campaign by navigating to SEO > Site Auditor and clicking the Crawl button.

Site Performance/Competitor Manager

Raven provides two tools specifically designed to compare one website's data against several others: Site Performance and Competitor Manager.

Site Performance is like Competitor Manager on steroids. While Competitor Manager gives valuable comparative information about backlinks, Alexa rank and other metrics, Site Performance compounds that information with data from Site Auditor to find opportunities for improvement.

Not sure who your competitors are? Use Site Finder to get a list of high-ranking websites for a keyword, along with the websites most frequently linking to them.

Research Central

Research Central is the hub for all domain and keyword research in Raven. If you're looking for baseline metrics for a website, this is where you'll find it. For prospect reports, though, your best friend is the Quality section.

Quality allows you to create custom quality scores based on the criteria that you set. This means that you can create a set of variables, weight them based on how important you think they are and Raven will display a score based on that information. This lets you set a benchmark for a prospective client, which you can work to exceed with your marketing initiatives.

Backlink Explorer

Backlink Explorer is a great resource for link builders, investigating the quality and quantity of backlinks for a website. Try searching the Fresh Index for backlinks created or discovered in the last 90 days for a domain to get a baseline for how many links are being built on average and how high-quality those links are.

Putting it all together

Once you have all of this data at your fingertips, it's time to build the report in WYSIWYG Reports. How you construct the report is entirely up to you, but be sure to take advantage of Sections as a organizational tool, as well as Text Summaries for providing your own analysis.

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