How is Quality calculated in Competitor Manager?


CompetitorManager-Quality.jpgCompetitor Manager provides 11 metrics for each website entered into the tool from a variety of sources, including Moz, Alexa and Majestic. But, there's one metric provided in this view that doesn't have a data source or a clear equation represented: Quality.

Quality is a metric created by Raven, which a scores based on the metrics that follow it in Competitor Manager. This means that the score, which runs on a scale of 1 to 100, is using the Moz, Majestic, Alexa and WHOIS data as the basis of its rough calculation of quality.

What's the difference between Quality Scores in Competitor Manager and Research Central?

The Quality metric in Competitor Manager is calculated using 10 specific metrics, all visible in the table for that tool. There is no way to change these metrics, so the score will always be created in the same way.

Domain Research Central, however, lets you create your own custom quality scores using whichever metrics you find the most important. Not only are these scores customizable, you're able to factor many more data points into that score than the 10 provided in Competitor Manager. Additionally, the equation used is slightly different, which sets these two metrics apart.

For more information on Quality Scores in Domain Research Central, see this guide on creating and managing them.

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