Why do my BCCs receive separate messages for each emailed report recipient?


WYSIWYG Reports gives you the option of sending your marketing reports via email to clients, managers and other stakeholders in a marketing campaign. Just like any other email system, you're able to enter both primary recipients and blind carbon copy (BCC) recipients before firing off the report.

Unlike most email systems, however, the BCC option isn't meant for simply concealing the identity of one recipient from the others. Instead, this option is designed for tracking purposes, especially when used in tandem with project management tools.

How does BCCing work in Raven?

Let's say that you want to email a report to your client and yourself as primary recipients, as well as your boss as a BCC. Logically, you would set up your report's email settings like this:


But, when the report is sent, your boss winds up with two emails for the same report instead of receiving one email displaying both primary recipients (you and your client). Why is that?

The BCC function in WYSIWYG Reports was designed with third-party project management systems like Basecamp and Workamajig in mind. With these systems, these repeated receipts will match the primary recipients with client records — ensuring that everyone knows that their reports were sent and received.

What if I just want to be notified when a report is sent?

If you want the BCC field to work similarly to how it would in other email systems, simply add all email addresses into the To field. WYSIWYG Reports sends unique emails to each recipient, who never see the other addresses receiving reports.

The reason why Raven sends unique emails (with unique URLs) is so that open rates can be tracked in WYSIWYG Reports. 

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