What's the difference between Search Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools?


Raven provides two different tools that support data from Google Search Console: Google Webmaster Tools and Search Analytics. Although these tools use the same data source, they have different scopes for that data.

Keyword Storage vs. Real-Time Data

Google Search Console maintains a rolling 60-day window of keyword data, which forms the basis of the data provided in Raven's Search Analytics tool. Because Search Analytics updates this data through the Google API, however, it will match with what you would otherwise see when browsing to Google's own tool.

Google Webmaster Tools, however, downloads and stores this data each day. This means that you can develop a record of keyword ranking data from the point that you connect your account forward, for up to two years of data. The only tricky thing is that Google has had a history of changing keyword data after its initial posting, which means that the data in Google Webmaster Tools may not always match exactly with what you'll see in Search Analytics.

Active Filtering in Search Analytics

The data provided in Search Analytics can be more flexibly filtered, for clients who might want to see data for a particular search type. This means that you can filter your data to only show results for Google Images, or check out which countries or devices are accessing your website the most in organic search.

Google Webmaster Tools does not have the capability of filtering to these types of data.

GWT Integration with Keyword Rankings

One benefit that Google Webmaster Tools provides is an integration with Raven's dedicated Keyword Ranking tool. This allows you to view keyword data from Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Keyword Manager — all in one place.

At present, Search Analytics connects with Keyword Manager data, allowing you to filter more precisely and see keyword search volumes from Google AdWords.

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