How do the Web, Image and Video filters work in Search Analytics?


Each section of Search Analytics provides three quick filters for different types of searches: Web, Image and Video. These filters allow you to quickly change the scope of your data, so that you can get a sense of where your website falls in the rankings for different kinds of searches.


Web is the default for all views in Search Analytics. This specifies that you want to view search data for the standard Google web search. This considers searches for any version of Google — including country-specific versions of the search engine. This does not, however, factor in Google Search Partners.


Image filters your data to show where your website appears in Google Images. Unlike regular Web results, Google Images results are on an infinite scroll. This means that for an impression to register, the searcher must physically scroll through the listings until an image from your domain appears in that scroll


Clicking the Video button will filter the data so that it only displays results in the Google Videos search listing. This does not include videos in YouTube — just videos that have been identified on separate websites which appear in the Google Videos listing.

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