How do I import keyword ranking data from Authority Labs into my WYSIWYG report?



If you're using Authority Labs to obtain keyword rankings for your clients and their competitors, you can quickly and easily import that keyword data into WYSIWYG Reports using the Authority Labs Import widget.

Here's how it works:

  1. First, export your data from Authority Labs. You'll need to generate a public link to your rankings report, which can be accomplished by clicking the Link button in the top-right corner of Authority Labs. It'll look something like this:
  2. In Raven, create or edit a report in WYSIWYG Reports.
  3. Click the Add Section button and choose Authority Labs from the list of options.
  4. Paste the public link from the first step into the Authority Labs URL field and click Load Data.
  5. Make any desired changes to the widget settings and click Submit to add the widget to your report.

That's it! After a few moments, we'll load your Authority Labs data into WYSIWYG Reports as a table.

Additional Settings

After inserting your Authority Labs URL and hitting the Load Data button, you're provided with several options for customizing this table of data:

  • Search: Filter your keyword rankings by a particular word or phrase. This will exclude any keywords not containing your search term.
  • Columns: Enable or disable columns in the table widget. You can also drag and drop columns to re-order them, left to right.
  • Sort Column: This determines which column is used in sorting your data.
  • Sort Direction: This determines the direction, either Ascending or Descending.
  • Max Results: The maximum number of rows in your table.
  • +/- Since: Choose what period of time you'd like to compare your data against: Previous Day, Previous 7 Days, Previous 30 Days, Previous 90 Days, or First Added.

There are a few settings that can only be determined in Authority Labs, so be sure to set your Locale, City, Change, and Mobile settings in your AL account as needed before exporting your data to Raven.

Will the Authority Labs widget update automatically?

Yes! When you add an Authority Labs widget to a scheduled report, that widget will automatically update when your date ranges change each time the scheduled report generates. That means that you can add the widget and forget about it, letting Raven do the heavy lifting to obtain and display this data.

Not seeing your keyword data update? Be sure that your section date range isn't set to Custom Date Range, which does not automatically update. You'll need to pick a relative preset like Last Month or Past 30 Days.

What dates are used in finding my keyword rankings?

Raven will display Authority Labs data based on the start of your date range, set in the report section. For example, if you're reporting on a range of January 1 to January 30, the Authority Labs table will display all of your keyword data from January 1.

The reason for this is because Authority Labs doesn't provide keyword rankings data aggregated over a range of days. When your date range updates, we'll pull new data from the new start date. You may need to edit and re-save the widget if resetting the range manually.

Can I report on Authority Labs data in Report Wizard?

This tool is currently only available in WYSIWYG Reports. There are no plans at this time to expand it to Report Wizard.

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