Where is the Persona Manager tool?


Raven retired our Persona Manager tool on Friday, March 18, 2016.

What was Persona Manager?

Persona Manager was a password storage tool, designed to manage login information for social networks and other Campaign-relevant websites. This tool was also integrated with Know'Em, a service that automates username registration, but this support was retired in 2015. 

Why did you retire Persona Manager?

The tiniest number of Raven customers used Persona Manager. We're talking single digits here. It no longer made sense for us to continue spending development hours maintaining a tool that so few people actually used. Instead, this frees up that time for projects relating to Site Auditor, Report Builder, and other key components of Raven.

Additionally, Persona Manager was created in a time when dedicated password vaults like 1Password and LastPass were not in wide use. Now that these tools are viable options with significantly greater security than what was provided in Persona Manager, we feel that it's bad practice to continue storing this sensitive data in Raven itself.

What should I use for password management?

There are many great options for managing passwords using external software:

We use (and love!) 1Password at Raven, but you can't go wrong with any of these options.

How do I export my Persona Manager data?

You can export all of your Persona Manager data to CSV by navigating to Social > Persona Manager and clicking the Export button on this page. This option will be available for a 90 day period, so be sure to get your data before the end of June 2016.

Wait, I don't see Persona Manager at all. What gives?

Newer Raven customers may not have access to Persona Manager. If you don't see the Personas tool under Social, then you have nothing to worry about — this tool was not made available in your account during the wind-down period.

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