Where did Social Stream go?


Social Stream, the tool that displays Facebook and Twitter posts in one real-time stream, was fully removed from Raven Tools on August 25, 2016.

What was Social Stream?

Social Stream was launched in 2011 as a solution for tracking social media conversations about particular brands and clients in real-time. It launched alongside an upgraded Social Monitor, which boasted real-time social media monitoring, which it integrated alongside Facebook and Twitter.

Why did you remove Social Stream?

In short, not enough people used it. Social Stream took a lot of maintenance and code to operate — it's one of the few tools in Raven that required its own separate server to handle the real-time data being output. After removing Social Monitor due to skyrocketing costs and poor results, use of Social Stream slowed dramatically as well.

In order to provide the most reliable marketing tools possible, we decided to remove this tool in favor of dedicating more time to our reporting and site auditing tools.

Can I still be post to Facebook and Twitter?

Yes! The Facebook and Twitter tools are not going away. Although the Social Stream tool has been removed, you can still post to your accounts on these social networks from the individual tools.

What should I use instead of Social Stream?

Over the past five years since we launched Social Stream, a number of products have been launched specifically aimed at monitoring and managing your social media feeds. Some of those products include the following:

  • HootSuite
  • Buffer
  • TweetDeck
  • Octopusocial

We recommend exploring your options to find what is most useful for your business needs.

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