Why do I have multiple reporting tools now?


We renamed Report Builder to WYSIWYG Reports and brought back our previous reporting tool, Report Wizard. There are few reasons why we did this:

  • The new Report Builder was meant to replace the older Report Wizard with a WYSIWYG interface and a focus on responsive HTML reports. It turned out that many of our customers and their clients preferred the original PDF-only reports. However, please keep in mind that the WYSIWYG Reports also supports PDFs, but they can only be made via the responsive HTML report or by emailing the report to a client.
  • We never removed the Report Wizard for customers that were using it before the launch of the new Report Builder. Those customers continue to use both reporting tools based on their client's preferences.
  • We've had many people that used to use Raven sign back up and request access to the original Report Wizard.
  • We renamed the Report Builder to WYSIWYG Reports because that represents the biggest difference between the two different reporting tools.

We plan to provide both reporting tools indefinitely until we can gracefully combine the best of both reporting tools into one single tool.

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