How do I track keywords in SERP Tracker?


Using SERP Tracker, you can manage, track, and analyze keyword rankings from up to five different search engines. This data is separate from Keyword Manager, which means that you'll need to add your keywords to the SERP Tracker tool to get started with rank tracking.

Add Keywords

Click the Add Keywords button in the top-right corner to get started. You can add keywords to this tool either on each line or separated by commas. If adding a lot of keywords, be sure to keep your sets to 200 or fewer keywords—that's the maximum for each upload from this form.

Choose Your Rank Tracking Frequency

You're able to check keywords Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. No matter what, though, newly added keywords will provide their initial ranks within 24 hours.

Select Search Engines

SERP Tracker supports five search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu. But, what if you want to report on a specific country or region? Use the Locale settings to specify the exact locations that you want rankings from. Google allows you to dive as deep as City or ZIP Code, while other search engines give broader location data.

Need to track on multiple locations? You can add all of your search engine variations straight from the tool. Just click Add Another under any search engine to add additional tracking for a new locale.

Confirm Your Rank Position Check Usage

Every Raven account received 1200 free Rank Position Checks, or RPCs, per month. RPCs are used each time that you check your ranking, considering your frequency and the number of search engines that you're checking against.

For example, let's say that you're checking the weekly ranking for the phrase "hawaiian shirt." You want to check three different search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In total, that would take up 12 RPCs: three per week, for a total of four weeks. You can always see your usage at the top of SERP Tracker, and we'll always give you a quote for how many RPCs you'll be using.

Pro-Tip: When comparing against competitors, you don't pay for any additional RPCs! We'll show data for your competitors for no additional cost.


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