What data can I report on in CallRail?



Once you've connected your CallRail account in Raven, you can view data from a given Company managed in that account. In total, Raven breaks out CallRail data into five different sections. Each section contains data that can be reported in WYSIWYG Reports, as well as viewed in the CallRail tool itself.


Overview gives you generalized data about your CallRail Company as a whole, including a graph that charts Calls and Messages over time, a list of your calls, and the following KPIs:

  • Total Calls
  • First Calls
  • Answered Calls
  • Percent Answered
  • Average Duration
  • Total Voicemails
  • Total Text Messages
  • Inbound Calls

Think of this data as like the summary page, giving you high-level metrics about the overall performance of your calls. For more information on individual calls, you'll need to dive into the more specific sections.


The Calls section runs down metrics relating to phone calls received on numbers that you're tracking. This shows you call volume over time, as well as a searchable (and filterable) table displaying each call made over the course of the set date range.

The table will display the direction the call was made in, whether or not it was answered, the location of the call, the number, and any tags, recordings, or notes that may be associated with those calls. Keep in mind that you aren't able to manage these calls in Raven—just reporting.

For further details on individual calls, click the Customer Number. Individual call metrics give data on keywords, highlights, speaking percentage, and duration (including if the call was abandoned).


Similar to Calls, Messages gives an accounting of the text messages that were received by your tracked phone numbers. For an exact read-out of the text conversation, click the ID link in the Messages table.


Trackers segment your call information by your tracked phone numbers. Click the Tracker ID to see a list of calls made to that particular tracker, along with settings information about the tracker, including the greeting message, whisper message, when it was created, and more.


The last section in CallRail gives general information about your account as a whole—not just your selected Company. This is broken into three sections, your Users, Trackers, and Companies.

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