How to View and Download Invoices in Raven


NOTE: In Raven, invoices are only accessible to Account Owners.

View & Download Invoices

1] Log into Raven and in the upper-right, click on your user profile image in order to access the preferences menu.

Click on User Image.png

2] In the User Preferences section of the menu, click View Invoices.

Preferences Menu.png

3] The list of invoices appears, with the most recent one at the top. Locate the invoice you want to view/download and on the far right, click the settings (i.e., gear) icon.

After View Invoices.png

4] From the popup menu, select either View Invoice to review it or Download PDF to share it.

Invoice Popup Menu.png

5] You can also resend an email version of the invoice to the person on file as the billing contact by clicking Resend Email.

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