How do I add keywords to Keyword Manager?



There are numerous tools within Raven that allow you to add keywords for tracking in Keyword Manager.

Analytics > Keyword Manager


  1. Navigate to Analytics > Keyword Manager.
  2. Click the Add Keywords button and add your keywords, one per line.
  3. Add tags in the Tags field to associate all imported keywords with the given set of tags.
  4. Click the Add button.

Keywords can be deleted from Keyword Manager by clicking the gear icon and choosing Remove from Manager.

KeywordManager-Settings.pngImport CSVs

If you've already created a keyword list using Excel or other spreadsheet/data storage software, you can use the Table Options button to bulk add your existing data into Keyword Manager.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Keyword Manager.
  2. Click Tool Options > Import Data.
  3. Click the Choose File button and browse to your CSV file.
  4. If desired, you could opt to Skip First Row by checking the box.
  5. Click the Add button to import your keywords.

For more information on importing CSVs into Keyword Manager, see this related article.

SEO > Search Analytics


If you have connected Google Search Console in Raven, you have the opportunity to add keywords for tracking in Keyword Manager from the Queries section of the Search Analytics tool. This data is also available in SEO Metrics, Keyword Rankings, and Google Webmaster Tools.

Research Central

When performing keyword or domain research in Research Central, there are several tools that allow you to research and add keywords to Keyword Manager for tracking.  You will find the option to Add to Keyword Manager via the Gear Icon in the following Research Central tools:

  • Research Central (Domain) > Keywords
  • Research Central (Domain) > Backlinks
  • Research Central (Domain) > Semantic
  • Research Central (Keyword) > AdWords

PPC > AdWords Insights > Search Query Performance

If you have connected your Google AdWords account in Raven, you have the opportunity to add keywords from your AdWords Search Query Performance.

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