What is Link Manager?



Link Manager is a comprehensive link building management and database tool. When you add a link to it, you can assign it a status like Requested or Active, a type like Organic Link or Paid (Temporary), an owner (for example, the team member who is managing the link), a tag (to categorize links for easy access) and more.

Keep your link building campaign more organized and less tedious

Link Manager encourages efficiency and collaboration. Whether your outreach team is in house or freelance, everyone's link related work stays organized. Plus, you can tag, group and sort links for an instant status update.

Quickly view key SEO metrics about links you have (and want)

You don't want links from poor quality sources. But how do you know which sources are quality? Raven displays key SEO data about page and website quality right alongside your links. It's data from Moz that link builders have trusted for years.

Get updates about link status changes — automatically

One huge benefit of Raven's Link Manager is its simple, constant link monitoring. Turn on link monitoring for some or all of your links. You can get alerts for changes in status, anchor text, rel="nofollow" attributes, quality scores and more.

Build more impressive reports with screenshots of your links

There's no proof of your hard work like visual proof. Raven can capture and display a screenshot of the web page your link is on. Simply turn on link monitoring for the links you want to report with screenshots.

Continue your analysis with easy import and export of link data

We'd like to pretend that spreadsheets aren't a major part of SEO work. Raven helps you minimize them — especially with Link Manager — but if you need more advanced analysis, we understand. Import and export link data to CSV quickly.

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